Chocolate: Types Every Chocolate Lover Must Know

All across the world, there are millions and billions of chocolate makers and bakers. They prefer using various flavors of cocoa. There are a lot of ingredients worldwide that one can use. The makers do this to make the different products of the chocolate unique. 

Ideal and quality cocoa will always blend whenever you bake from it! Many chocolate sweeties use other ingredients as supplements. Hence it adds to the sweetness of the mix from Cocoa powder. Moreover, many people prefer to keep the taste of the chocolate natural. 

Some individuals like to keep it organic with a minor touch of bitterness in it. One buys them for occasions, birthdays, festivals and sometimes you don’t even need any reason. This article lets you know more about the diverse range of chocolate.

What makes one chocolate different from another?

The makers of chocolate always differentiate the various kinds of chocolate. They do the task by mixing some extra supplements into the paste. Sometimes they choose to mix the ingredients that one utilizes in cocoa beans. And sometimes, they alter the natural and organic ingredients in the mix.

You can understand the above theory with the help of a small example. There are quite a few types of chocolate that always have less sugar content. Sometimes you can taste palm oil in compound chocolate. The taste of organic cocoa butter dominates. 

The popular US Food and drug administration also declares specific necessities. It is to maintain the number of inorganic ingredients and cocoa. This was necessary for tagging every kind of chocolate. Hence you can see minor or major differences among different types of chocolate!


Types of Mouth-Watering Chocolates

Now is when you need to know about the various categories of chocolates. After which, you can mark the differences. Hence you need to look at the list below of chocolates.

Ruby Chocolate

The ruby chocolate was explored by a Belgian chocolate maker named Barry Callebaut. This chocolate is very much differentiated from its subparts. You can see the red and pink shades in this sweet piece. It has a covering of white chocolate on its upper layer.

The ruby chocolate bean inherits from a particular type of cocoa. No quality FDA definition is there for this new chocolate type. It has 26.3% content milk and 47.5% cacao present. The different flavors of this ruby cacao have a deep taste of sour notes and fruitiness. The life of this chocolate treat is about 12 months if kept in suitable conditions.

White Chocolate

One can spot the chocolate with cream and ivory color as white chocolate. It has sweet notes of vanilla condensed with milk radiating out a combining aroma. After stripping out all the cocoa beans, only the cocoa butter stays. An ideal quality or white chocolate will always tend to have a rich, creamy, and soft texture.  You must include all the lecithin, milk, cocoa butter, and vanilla and blend them. There is no use of cocoa solid in this unique and lip-smacking chocolate. That draws the most significant difference in separating it from the other chocolates. White chocolates are finger-licking good with a sweet taste.

Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate is a very classy and rich form of chocolate. More than 70% of cocoa content is present in bittersweet chocolate. It is extra dark chocolate that is popular over the years. It has a semi-sweet taste of darkness and replicates more flavor of a brownie. 

Sometimes you can see the dip or the flavor or fruit play work. You can interchange its quality while baking it, as per your preference. The use of bitter-sweet chocolate is while making molten chocolate lava cake. If you love to have choco-chip cookies, this chocolate form is also better.

Chocolate Liquor

Unsweetened chocolate is also famous as “chocolate liquor.” Chocolate liquors are the ground of a diverse range of other chocolates. It has a thick texture having a dark brown color. When this chocolate heats, it best transforms into a fatty liquid. It can further be big to make chocolate chips or chocolate bars. The creation of thick paste is from the nibs of cocoa present in the cocoa beans. 

They all act as a base for a fine texture. It has no amount of alcohol present in it. Hence you never confuse yourself by the name. The amount of cocoa content in the chocolate liquor is one hundred percent. 

No extra ingredients or made a part of this form of chocolate. They melt under high pressure. Thus you can see the difference between cocoa powder and cocoa butter.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, being world-famous, carries a unique, intense brown color. The two major ingredients to make this chocolate are sugar and chocolate liquor. You will taste the flavor of a big brownie and it is very sweet. Because bourbon maple pecan pie is the favourite of health-conscious people. 

You can make it very vegan—friendly without adding dairy products. The brown spice exists in it, which gives an attractive look to dark chocolate when broken in half. Anyone can drool over the chocolate because of its potential taste. More than 90% of people worldwide prefer this chocolate. 

The cocoa content which is present while making dark chocolate is above 95%. Hence this factor tends to provide it with a quite bitter taste with less sugar content. All the cocoa beans are processed to extract the substance for making it.

Final Words

While one keeps sweet chocolate in their mouth, they forget to differentiate its taste. But you need to know which chocolate you are eating. And if you’re a baker, this article will be of great use to you—the wide range of chocolates or never the same. One must always know the difference before buying or baking.

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