5 Best Lockdown Gift Ideas for Birthday Special

The vaccine is starting to become a little more than a distant mirage. Finding the best lockdown gift ideas for birthday or any occasion is a bit harder. However, the consequences of the months spent indoors, and the current restrictions are not bound to leave us so soon. At the same time, our lives go on, and celebrations cannot be stopped – especially with Christmas is on our doorstep and the festive season around the corner. 

In the same way, you can be close to your loved ones emotionally. If a family member, friend, or loved one is celebrating a birthday over the next few weeks, you can show them all of your love and affection with one of the beautiful and safe gifts below.  Here are our 5 best Lockdown Gift Ideas for Birthday special you can try.

5 Lockdown Gift Ideas for Birthday

1. Hampers

Hampers and care packages are the perfect way to tell someone you love them and care for them. These gifts are entirely personalizable, and you can customize them to meet the taste of the recipient perfectly. For example, you can add delicious wine for a wine lover or a refreshing beer. 

Hampers lockdown gift ideas

In terms of food, you can meet any dietary requirements. Whether you wish to stick to organic goods, plant-based compositions, or miscellaneous, you can do all this and more. Additionally, with hampers, you can pick every decoration and detail included, this can be an optimal way to send your loved ones a birthday gift idea that is unique! 

Instead, if you know that the lockdown or the months indoors have been particularly harsh on the recipient, you might opt for a care package. These are similar to hampers, but you can include additional items to make the recipient feel loved and supported. Whether that’s a book, a film, or a gift card for their favourite takeaway, don’t hold back!

2. Cake Delivery

There is no real birthday without a birthday cake – no, even if you have to spend a birthday away from your loved ones! Luckily, today you can order a personalized cake to be delivered right on the doorstep of the birthday boy or girl! This is an excellent way to make their day and communicate all the love you feel for them. Since they are made-to-order, you can customize all aspects of these delicious birthday cakes. You might pick a flavor or meet certain dietary requirements. 

lockdown gift ideas

Unique services such as Mums Bake Cakes allow you to find local bakers not far from the recipient’s address (i.e. cake makes in London). This is a fantastic way to know that your loved ones will receive a freshly baked cake on the day of their birthday. 

3. A “Spa Night In” Gift Set

We all love a spa day. It was the perfect way to relax with our friends, families, or partner and indulge in a few hours of luxury and relaxation. However, spas will be not so accessible or safe for a while. So, if you have been a committed spa lover, you might have to wait for a few months at least. Nonetheless, you can find gift your loved ones a special “Spa night in” gift box. It contains everything you need to turn your home’s bathroom into an exclusive space for relaxation, pampering, and peace. 

lockdown gift ideas

In these boxes, you will find chocolate, bath salts, body oil, creams, and candles – all you need to shut the bathroom door and pretend you are in the most luxurious of spas! When gifting this box, you might also decide to add a special touch, such as a few healthy snacks or luxury towels. After all, we all deserve to spend some time reconnecting with ourselves and relaxing – especially after the last few months!

4. Whiskey or Gin Tasting Kits

If the gift recipient is always your partner in crime when heading to the pub, you can remind them of the good old days with a whiskey or gin tasting kit. They are perfect for enjoying a sophisticated drink when spending another night indoors during the lockdown or while in Tier 3. These boxes often include a variety of products that you can handpick. Or, you can trust a pre-packaged one that includes several versions of the same brand.

lockdown gift ideas whisky kit

If you know what gin or whiskey your friends prefer, this second option is the perfect one to send a thoughtful and enjoyable gift. If you have decided to send this gift over via delivery, make sure you have also included a tonic or another mixer in the box and it will be a perfect Lockdown Gift Ideas for Birthday. So they can start enjoying their present straight away!

5. A Post-Lockdown Gift Experience

Undoubtedly, the travel bans, social distancing measures, and lockdown restrictions have been going on for too long. We are all excited to go back to traveling, enjoying holidays with our loved ones, and sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While we still need to wait a few months for these experiences to be part of our lives again, we can keep dreaming! Or, get a little closer to really enjoying these experiences!

lockdown gift ideas wine tasting glass

A gift experience is an incredible lockdown gift. It can help you keep you, and the recipient keeps the hopes up. And, you can pick the experience that resonates better with the recipient’s preferences. They might prefer a hot balloon experience, a wine tasting, a pizza-making class, or even paint lessons! Just pick the one that works better and don’t forget to add a note!

Bonus: A Subscription Box

Why should a gift only come once? A subscription box might be a relatively new idea, but no gift keeps on giving as much as this one! If you know what their passions or hobbies are, just find a niche product that fits with their needs – they’ll be grateful! 

Also, A new pair of eyelash extensions would be a great gift, you can get it here at Paris Lash Academy.

lockdown gift ideas skincare subscritbtion

Whether you are opting for vegetables, flowers, skincare products, or hair care lotions, you can ensure that they have everything they need at all times. This is the ideal present for all of your loved one in Tier 3, especially with hairdressers, makeup artists, and niche shops still closed. You can get them all the luxury products they have always loved right at their doorstep!

Bottom Line

Today, it can be challenging to find a way to celebrate a birthday while in lockdown or Tier 3. These restrictions won’t stay in place forever. However, in the meanwhile, you can make the birthday boy or girl loved and celebrated even from a distance with the gifts above!

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