5 Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

Love is something that you feel unexpectedly. Sometimes, the girl that you are dating now may not be someone that you feel romantic about. However, in most men’s life, there will really be a time when one person makes you fall in love again and again everyday that you are with her. Being a man, you have this feeling that she really is the one and you want to be with her for the rest of your life.

You want to say those words even if it will put an end to your bachelorhood and you don’t care if you can no longer kid around with other girls as long as you have that one girl who makes your life complete. Yet, you are afraid of saying those words and you do not know when to start. The fact that you are searching for this article is a clear sign that you are not sure of what to do.

You have searched and searched of cute ways to propose to your girl. Yet it seems that no matter how much you look, those romantic ways to propose are either too extravagant or too different from your own personality that it seems not you anymore.

Here is the deal, no matter how romantic or simple your proposal is, what is more important is your sincerity and love to your woman. Trust me, if there is genuine love, you will surely earn that much coveted YES! Cute ways to propose include careful planning and several unique ideas that mean something to you and to your ladylove.

In this article, we will check different romantic ways to propose and see if it will work for your girl or not.

Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

1. Public proposals

Is your girl the out-doorsy type of gal that somehow loves the attention? If so, she might feel good about a public proposal. Have you seen those proposals made in public such as flash mobs and those in between sports games? Girls who are a bit showy also needs a proposal that gives her that kind of show.

Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

In a public proposal, what you need the most is your courage. Do you have the bravado to propose even if a lot of people are watching? Are you fearless enough to risk your heart (and face) doing something creative and unique just to please your girl? If yes, then you can proceed in doing a proposal out in the open.

 If you decided through this kind of proposal, you can start thinking of creative ways proposing in public. Make sure that it is a surprise and plan it carefully. You can propose in a subway train. Once the door of the train closes, have your hired people sing one by one and propose. Or you may propose to her in her workplace in front of all her officemates and even her boss. You can propose in the middle of the park during your daily jog. There are a lot of ways, really, just think about her attitude and what can make her happy to earn that big yes.

2. Private proposals

Is your girlfriend that shy type? If yes, don’t go with the public one as she might get overwhelmed and could not deal with the pressure of being put on the spotlight. Instead, have it privately as possible but in a romantic way. This is easier compared to a public one yet it doesn’t mean that it’s less romantic and sweet.

Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

You’ll still feel that butterflies in your stomach when you prop the question out but there will be no crowd to pressure both of you. Since this is private, you have the edge of making it more memorable. You can propose over a simple romantic dinner or you can make a grand proposal privately like asking her out on an out of the country vacation. You can even cook for her at home and have scented candles all over with sweet music playing. Then take her out on an intimate dance, drop on your knee in the middle of the dance floor and take that ring out. Whatever your choice of a private proposal is, the key is proper timing and a passionate atmosphere.

3. Adventure proposals

Is your girl that out-going and thrilling type? She might find public proposals too flashy and private proposals too boring. Instead, put something unique and creative in your proposal by taking her out on an adventure and thrilling activities.

You may take her out on a helicopter ride and have that proposal mid-air. You can also take her to bungee jumping or zip lining, let her jump or do the zipline and when she arrives on top or on the other end, you are already their waiting on bended knees with the ring on one hand. You may also take her out on a rope course and put a goal, she must finish the entire course first and tell her that she will have a prize waiting for her at the end and that’s you with the ring.

4. Technology proposals

Is your girl that type that loves technology as much as she loves you? If so, use technology as a medium of your proposal. There are a lot of social media sites that you can use to pop the question out. But if you find the social media site proposal inappropriate, you may create a website dedicated for her. Give her the link and program that website for your proposal.

Creative Ways To Propose To A Girl

You may also use  her playlist. Steal her phone and add a proposal song or better yet, your own version of the song or a personalized song with “Will you marry me?” at the end.

5. Using family and friends

Is your girl that type of person who have a very close relationship with her family and friends? If yes, make use of that connection. Once she sees the effort you have exerted on uniting her family and friends into one big event in her life, you will definitely have her yes.

With family and friends in a marriage proposal, it makes the moment more personal and sweet. You may create a video marriage proposal with the closest people or you may host a party with everyone important to both of you. Pop that question. Just make sure that everyone knows about your plan except her so that they can offer their support to you.

Take note that whatever the mode of your proposal is, or whatever the attitude of the girl you are proposing to, what is really important is that you are true on what you feel. These romantic ways to propose are just few ideas that can help you in conceptualizing your own. Your girl is unique and she deserves the best that you can give… most importantly, your love.

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