18 Meaningful Outfits and Gifts for Baptism Girl

Baptism or christening is a onetime event of life happened to welcome the baby into Christian faith and moral. From that day, your little angel is going to be guarded by a guardian angel. Baptism day is the special day for the baby, and our gifts for the baby need to be unique. Selecting gifts and outfits for the baptism event is a task different from others. Our gifts need to be holy and need to be related to the christening event. Don’t think too hard, here we present 18 meaningful outfits and gifts for baptism girl.

If you are looking for baptism boy outfits and gifts click here, it is. The baptism baby girl gifts we listed here are unique; most of them are handmade and can be personalized, especially for your little angel.

Unique Baptism Baby Girl Dresses

1. Lovely Lace Girls Christening Gowns

Lovely Lace Girls Christening Gowns a baptism baby girl dress

Outfit Details

These gowns specially made for the baptized little angels with pure cotton. This set comes with a christening gown and a bonnet. The quality comes within a budget. It comes in pure white color; this gown available in various sizes.

What’s Special with It?

The gown was crafted with minding the comfort of the baby girl. This baptism baby girl dress can make the baby looks like a real angel. A perfect baptism girl dress ever you can present.

 2. White Hollow Ruffles Sleeve Lace Romper Sunsuit

White Hollow Ruffles Sleeve Lace Romper Sunsuit

Outfit Details

This suit comes in the traditional baptism color of white, this outfit available in various sizes for your baby. Made in blend cotton, it has a new modern touch with it. The onesie has unique embroidery designs on it.

What’s Special with It?

The design was unique from other baptism girl dresses that make it an adorable giftable outfit for a baptism. The look made it look costly than you spent on it. A unique and excellent outfit for the christening event.

3. Short Sleeve Ruffle Romper Suspender Floral Skirt

Short Sleeve Ruffle Romper Suspender Floral Skirt

Outfit Details

The baptism girl dress set comes with a romper, suspender skirt, and a headband. Made with organic cotton. The romper and skirt come with floral designs on it. The headband was adorable.  

What’s Special with It?

These baptism baby girl dress made with special care that minded about the comfort of the baby. It didn’t harm her skin. The outlook was going to be so cute while your baby wearing it. This kinda outfit comes with sea cheapest cost you don’t ever imagine.

Meaningful Gifts for Baptism Girl

4. Charlie the Praying Bear

Charlie the Praying Bear a gifts for baptism girl

Gift Details

The bear was approximately 10” tall. A product of aurora 30 years experienced company on manufacturing toys. It has tags with the name and a special message on it. The tear dropping looking eyes made the facial expression cute.

What’s Special with It?

While you squeeze the bear, it sings, “now I lay me down to sleep.” This bear can look unique in between other baptism baby girl gifts. The facial expression was so cute. One of the excellent gifts for baptism girl.

5. Pillow Baby Gift Personalized

 Pillow Baby Gift Personalized

Gift Details

This cotton pillow filled with polyester. The length was 20 cm, and the width was 30 cm. It comes with a dark blue color with white stars on it.

What’s Special with It?

The pillow comes with the personalization option, so you can customize the name of the baptism baby on it. This pillow was made carefully without compromising the comfort of the baptism baby.

6. Baptism Memory Box

Baptism Memory Box

Gift Details

Made with pine wood, this memory box is ready to keep your memorial items for your lifelong.  It comes with four fancy colors, the box’s dimensions are 8.5*6*3 outside the box and 7.8*5.3*2.7 inches inside the box.

What’s Special with It?

Among the baptism girl gifts, this memory box can long last until she celebrates her baby’s baptism ceremony. You can customize the name of the baby and the artwork on the top of the memory box. If you want, they add a personalized message inside the box.

7. Girl Baby Bracelet with Simulated Pink Pearls

Girl Baby Bracelet with Simulated Pink Pearls

Gift Details

The bracelet was made with sterling silver and stainless steel with simulated pearls with it. The pearls are colored pink, especially for the girl babies. The length was 4 inches and comes with the option to select which size you want.

What’s Special with It?

Jewels are the best gifts for girl babies, and this bracelet looks so adorable for a gifting jewel. While the baby grows, the bracelet adjusts itself with the hand. It can be gifted as a keepsake also. A unique jewel gift for a christening girl.

8. Baby Catholic Baptism Gift Set

Baby Catholic Baptism Gift Set

Gift Details

The set includes a wooden rosary and a book baby’s first book of prayers. It’s one of the suitable gifts for the baptism girl. It comes within a box, so you can easily gift it.

What’s Special with It?

This rosary and the book have a direct connection to the Christian religion, so it can be giftable as the baptism gift. Minding that it was gifted to children, the rosary was made with multiple attractive colors. The first book of prayers contains the most comfortable prayers for the children in simple English. A suitable gift for the christening ceremony.

9. Personalized Baptism Candle Tree of Life

Personalized Baptism Candle Tree of Life a baptism girl gifts

Gift Details

This baptism candle tree of life is made with wachs and other stuff. This entirely hand-made candle can be your perfect baptism gift. The size of the candle was 250*70mm.

What’s Special with It?

 This candle can be customizable at your will.  They provide customize option to engrave the name and the date of baptism. Provided with 3 different types of customizing the name and date, you can select which type you want. One of the perfect baptism girl gifts.

 10. Personalized Praying Girl Musical Snow Globe

Personalized Praying Girl Musical Snow Globe

Gift Details

This 4*4*5.5” polyresin and glass globe has a praying girl figure inside it. It has the engraved message,

“Now I lay me down to sleep.”

Inside the globe, and filled with soft glitter inside it, they tumble when you shake the globe.

What’s Special with It?

The globe can be personalized with the name of the baptism child or the date or any particular messages or any favorite bible saying. It plays the song ‘the lord is my shepherd”. This song and the personalization without any cost feature made it the best christening gift.

11. Personalized Keepsake

Personalized Keepsake

Gift Details

This stained glass box keepsake was entirely hand-made. It comes with the metal edge detailing, and the bottom shimmers with all the colors from the rainbow. It has a chain inside the box that holds the top while it’s open.

What’s Special with It?

It has an engraved cross and the word baptized on the top. Otherwise, you can choose the wording like the name and date, and the special message on it. They engrave the message without any cost. The pink color of the keepsake is especially given it to present for girl babies. One of the worthy gifts for baptism girls.

12. Premium Catholic Baptism Kit

 Premium Catholic Baptism Kit

Gift Details

This kit contains a towel, candle, rosary, and a shell within a hand-crafted metal box. The color of each item is silver. With the silver color, each item looks elegant and expensive than its real cost.

What’s Special with It?

Each item in the set contains a meaningful usage. The towel is used to clean the holy water after baptizing. The candle resembles the light of Christ that put the baby away from the darkness. The devotional rosary item used in Christianity. The shell is used to pour the holy water. With all those items within a one set, this set has become the one the best baptism baby girl gifts.

13. Personalized Baptism Block

Personalized Baptism Block

Gift Details

Made with maple hardwood, camelina oil, and beeswax, the box holds each and every detail about the baptism ceremony. The block measures 2.25″ square, and the four sides can be personalized, and two sides cannot be personalized.

What’s Special with It?

This block is going to remind her when she grows old when she was baptized. The cross side and the dove side cannot be personalized; other sides can be customized to the details about the name, date, and place of the baptism event. Because of the craft quality, it will long last to tell the tales of her baptism to her. A perfect among the baptism girl gifts you can present.

14. Elastic Headband Cotton Lace

Elastic Headband Cotton Lace a baptism baby girl gifts

Gift Details

Made of cloth, lace, and glitter powder, this headband comes in various colors. The band was 0.32 inches, and the girth was 15.2 inches.

What’s Special with It?

The Headband was made with elastic, so it’s flexible and doesn’t hurt the baby. It comes with a considerable number of designs, so you can select which type you want. It can make your baby looks like an angel for the baptizing event. The finest gift among the gifts for baptism girls.

15. Angel Cross Crib Medal

Angel Cross Crib Medal

Gift Details

The rosary was engraved with the figures of angels on it and has the words,

“Bless the child who lives here Fill her life with love and cheer Keep her safe years after year.”

It has a rose-colored ribbon on top for hanging it. The dimensions are 4.2*3.1*1.1 inches.

What’s Special with It?

Rosary was a perfect gift for the baptism, and this angel rosary engraved with angel figures can be used as a decorative item. It was specially made for gifting for baptism girls.

 16. Religious Bible Verse Gift Jewelry

Religious Bible Verse Gift Jewelry

Gift Details

The jewelry crafted with alloy metals, and the chain length was 18″+2″ inches. The pendant diameter was 1″ inch.

What’s Special with It?

The pendant has unique designs and wordings inside it. It has the wordings

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13”

It can long last because of its built quality. A perfect baptism girl gifts among every gift.

17. Personalized Christening Baby Blanket

Personalized Christening Baby Blanket

Gift Details

36*36 inches are the dimensions of the blanket. Made with 200gsm fleece and satin trim border, it covers over your baby, and It has a printed cross on it. The sheet comes with various color options, especially pink for girls.

What’s Special with It?

 You can personalize the name and date of the baptism in the blanket. The blanket can assure the comfort of the baby. The quality was excellent, and the cost was not much expensive. One of the superb baptism baby girl gifts for the christening event.

18. Cross 2 Piece Keepsake Box

Cross 2 Piece Keepsake Box

Gift Details

This set includes a keepsake and a jeweled rosary. The rosary was 20 inches long, and the keepsake has the dimensions 2.25*2.35 inches. The keepsake was made with ceramic and metal.

What’s Special with It?

The rosary was made for baby girls with pink color and a jewel on the rosary. When it comes to baptism gifts, these kinda religious items are the best gifts for it. One of the meaningful baptism girl gifts.

Christening Event,

A special day on every Christian baby’s life. The outfits are one of the factors that decide how the event was organized dramatically. The baptism baby girl dresses need to give a charm like angels to those girls. Also, the baptism baby girl gifts need to have a devotional touch with them. Here we presented our suggestion for the meaningful outfits and gifts for baptism girl.

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