7 Favourite Gifts for Hard-To-Buy Parents

Getting gifts for parents can always be tough. After all, most of the time they are so focused on getting their children what they need that they don’t tend to bring up their own wants or desires. Alternatively, they might be the type of parent who buys everything that they need for themselves, leaving you lacking in gift ideas.

If you are looking for gift ideas for parents, look no further. Here are our seven favorite gifts for parents who are hard to buy for on Christmas and other gift-giving holidays.

1. Enjoy a Cup of Self-Heated Coffee from the Ember Mug


Most parents run on coffee. However, chasing after the little ones often results in them coming back to a cold cup of coffee. When it comes to gifts for parents, the Ember Mug is sure to be a treasured item.

This smart, self-heated coffee mug uses an app to keep beverages at the ideal temperature for up to 1.5 hours, which means that its contents are almost always going to be perfectly hot, even if the cup gets forgotten for a while. 

For parents that are always on the go, the Ember Travel Mug offers a leakproof way to stay energized by enjoying the perfect cup of coffee throughout their daily adventures. 

2. Reminisce with the ADECO Family Tree Metal Wall Hanging Picture Frame

Part of the joy of having a family is looking back on all of the wonderful memories that were created together. Help the parents in your life highlight some of the most memorable moments with the ADECO Family Tree Metal Wall Hanging Picture Frame.

This wall-mounted frame holds six pictures, beautifully strewn among the leaves of a tree, letting parents tell the story of their family. Made from high-quality metal, this durable gift will be a mainstay in the home for plenty of years to come. 

3. Stay Healthy with the NutriBullet Personal Blender

Many parents are always on the go, which means that smoothies have become a way of life. Therefore, the NutriBullet Personal Blender is an amazing gift for parents who are constantly in the car. This 600-watt blender can quickly blend up a healthy smoothie, is simple to use, and is easy to clean. Just push, twist, and blend to start the motor and blend up a variety of quick drinks without missing a beat.

4. Cook Quick Meals with a Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer

Getting kids to eat healthily can sometimes be a struggle. Fortunately, gadgets like the Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer can take kid favorites like French fries and chicken nuggets and make them slightly healthier by letting parents air fry foods with up to 75 percent less fat than other frying methods. Plus, it can bake, dehydrate, roast, and more, meaning that it is versatile to boot. 

Leftovers are made even better with the Ninja Air Fryer, which lets you quickly reheat dishes to save time on meal prep for the whole family. Both the basket and crisper plate are dishwasher safe, meaning a fast cleanup after dinner to relax and decompress from a long day.

5. Enjoy Fresh Dinner with a HelloFresh Meal Kit Subscription

Let’s be real. What most parents want is a night off from figuring out what’s for dinner, without ending up in a drive-thru. This means that a fantastic gift for parents is signing them up for HelloFresh Meal Kit Delivery Service.

Using HelloFresh, each week, parents will get fresh meal kits delivered to their door that make cooking a healthy, delicious meal incredibly simple.


6. Keep the House Clean with a Roomba® j7 Robot Vacuum

Take away some of the legwork needed to keep a tidy house with assistance from an intelligent vacuum cleaner like the Roomba® j7. With a built-in sensor to detect and avoid objects, robot vacuum cleaners are perfect for attacking messy floors within the home without any human assistance. Instantly check one item off your list of chores with the vacuum’s power-lifting suction and edge-sweeping brush, which guarantees even the smallest nooks and crannies are kept spotless.

7. Decompress with a Deep Massaging Theragun

To add some rest and recovery into the lives of your parents, give them the gift of relaxed muscles with a Theragun Elite. Perfect for any level of activity, this massage tool features an ergonomic grip and 5 foam attachments to help work out any knots on the body, keeping you fresh after an intense game of pickleball. The Theragun is certainly a top gift for active adults to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase mobility.

Gifts for Parents This Christmas

While some parents are notoriously hard to shop for, all of the gifts listed above are sure to bring tons of value and long-lasting joy to their everyday lives. From improving their daily cup of coffee, staying well-fed with easy meal preparation tools, keeping the house clean with the press of a button, or relaxing after a long day, the gifts from this guide are sure to improve their quality of life.

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