18 Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy to give in 2021

In Christianity People, baptism for their children is a spiritual ceremony conducted among the religion. We celebrate to welcome our child into our faith. For the baptism, we plan every single thing for the moments unique and divine. The gifts we presenting for the baby need to be religious and associated with the baptism for the baby showered on the faith. There we have some best ideas for the baptism boy gifts, outfit, and other pieces of stuff for you.

Baptism Boy Cake

No functions can be completed without a delicious cake. It’s not necessary but having a cake at the baptism party is good. Customizing the cake, especially for the baptism boy, is the best way to highlight it was made for baptism. Blue is the color of boys, so you can go with it for your baptism boy cake or white is also best. Decorate the cake with the holy cross mark on it. Or you can decorate the cake like child things like toys, blocks and other related to it.

Invitation for Baptism Boy

Baptism is enjoyable while it happened in front of all your family and friends. To invite them, you can make a phone call, but sending an invitation is feels more personal for the holy event. The christening invitation needs to have the name of the boy’s name highlighted. Do not forget to add the date and time of the baptizing and the location. Add the fellow details correctly to your guests’ reach at the correct place at the right time.

Then do not forget to add the name of the parents, grandparents, and godparents. On the other hand, the wordings you select for the invitation can make it feel more unique. Add some text like inviting lines such as “Please join us for the special event for my boy.” Also, you can add some sayings from the bible to feel more related to the baptism. Finally, it comes to themes; it totally belongs to your desire. Your invitation for baptism boy can be formal, elegant looking, themed for a baby. If you want, you can customize the image of your boy to the invitation.

18 Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

The outfit you choose for the baptism baby boy needs to be formal white. There is a vast collection of outfits for christening available. There we have some of the fabulous outfits for the godson.

1. Baby Boy Long Sleeve Gentleman White Shirt Waistcoat Bowtie Tuxedo

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This 100% made of the cotton outfit is baby-friendly. The design of the suit is unique; the tuxedo model outfit comes with a necktie. It made us feel like your baby boy was a gentleman while wearing this white fantasy on his baptism. Available in s the most of the sizes.

2. Baby Boy Baptism Outfit with Hat and Socks

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

With the cross patterns on the chest, cap, and socks, this is the perfect outfit for your godson. The hat looks so adorable; while you’re babywearing those, it gets more beautiful. Made with 100%, it’s totally comfortable for your baby, and it comes with all sizes.

3. Baptism Toddler Boy outfit Linen Suit

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This unique set comes with multiple suits and choices. If you want to personalize the outfit, the seller does it for you. It comes with a collared bodysuit, white linen longalls, linen bowtie, and white vegan leather booties. A perfect baptism toddler boy outfit for your baby.

Baptism Boy Gifts Ideas

4.Lamb With Crib Cross

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This small lamb is going to the best friend of the baptism boy. This soft lamb made of soft materials so your boy can play with it comfortably. It has a crib cross on its hand, matching its color. It has two variants, blue for the boy and pink for the girl baby. The lamb was crafted like praying, that looks like the lamb is praying for the boy. A cross mark stitched on its foot. A perfect baptism boy gift.

5. Elegant Ceramic Keepsake

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

Made with ceramic, metal, and acrylic materials, this lid and keepsake look unique. It comes with a decorative lid with a small metal cross mounted on top. The keepsake holds a blue crystal rosary with a corpus and a gem embellished centerpiece inside it. The 2 1/4*2 3/8 inches measured keepsake holder can be placeable anywhere you want. If you are looking for the best baptism gift, this keepsake is going to be the perfect gift.

6. Crib Cross Pewter Medal

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

A cross is a perfect gift for the christening event. This beautiful pewter cross crib medal has prayers inscribed on its front and back. In the foreground the cross engraved with these lines,

“Bless the child who lives here, fill his life with love and cheer, keep him safe year after year.”

And also the cross engraved with some child toys. This 3 inches cross has a small hole on the top to tie the ribbon. The seller provides a blue ribbon for boys and a pink ribbon for the girls.

7. Christening Personalized Baby Blanket

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This 36*36 inches blanket comes with the customization option. You can personalize the name and date of the baptism in the sheet. Made with 200gsm fleece and satin trim border, it covers over your baby and assure his comfort. It has a printed cross on it and comes with color variations. Blue for boys and pink for girls. An adorable baptism boy gift.

8. Baby’s First Bible Boxed Set

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

Gifting a bible in the Christian religion is common, but small babies can’t read the standard bible. For the children, author Roger Priddy made a bible set for them with simple English and bright clear pictures. It was understandable for even a newly reading infant. It sets a pretty introduction for the stories of bibles and its characters of the bible. The set has 4 individual stories. They are; The Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah’s ark, and the Story of Adam and Eve. These books are stored in a handy slipcase. The bible set is a meaningful gift for the christening. So you can get this one for Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy.

9. Christening Outfit Onesie

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This onesie is made of 100% cotton. With that wording #baptized, it’s the best gift for the baptizing event. The sellers took special care of the quality of the outfit and the comfortability. While the child wears this onesie, they look adorable. A perfect gift for the baptism.

10. Engraved Compass

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

Made with solid brass with an antique finish. This compass is going to be a long-lasting gift ever you present to your son. You can customize the name of the baby boy on the compass, so It was no more a simple gift, it becomes the special gift only crafted for him. The measurements of 2inch diameter and ¾ inch thickness, you are even he can carry the compass within his pocket.

11. First Rosary with Blue Cross

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This first rosary with a blue cross comes with a “how to pray the rosary” card with it. Made with 15mm wooden beads are themed as a blue angle. The theme was so adorable for a baby and for baptism. It was colorful enough to attract kids. You can use it as a decorative item and train the children on how to pray? It will be the best Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy.

12. Baptism Keepsake Ornament

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This angel ornament is a meaningful gift for a baptism event, it represents the meaning that an angel is always with you after you baptized. This beautifully crafted baptism guardian angel ornament can last a lifetime. With the measurements, it was 4*2.25 in size; the artwork with angel ornament tied on a white ribbon within it comes in a gift box. The poem in the artwork is not customizable. An excellent gift for the baptism boy gift.

13. Baptism Candle Tree of Life

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

This baptism candle tree of life is made of wachs; it can be customizable at your will. This can be customized with the name and the date of baptism. They provide 3 different types of customizing the name and date; you can select which type you want. This candle can be a good gift for christening.

14. Personalized Paracord Bracelet

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

Made of 550 paracords, plastic side-release clasp aluminum, the craft quality was strong enough. It comes with customizing option, you can customize up to 3 lines that are going to be engraved in the aluminum plate. You can select which color of paracord going to be used and in which size they need to craft it. It was entirely handcrafted by experts. A perfect personalized gift for the baptism.

15. Personalized Disk-shaped Baptism Ornament

Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

These personalized ornaments are made of shatterproof plastic. It looks like a disc-shaped glass ornament with glitter effects; it can decorate where it is hanging. The dimensions are 442, and it can be hanged with the ribbon on the top. You can customize the message on the ornament. They printed the name on the front and dated it on the backside of the ornament. Comes with various color options, you can select which color you want.

16. Baptism Infant Booties Shoes

Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

These shoes are handmade, especially for baptized children. You can select which color you want. The size was 3 inches suitable for the 0-3 month babies. It was made with minding the comfortability of the baby. If you want to customize the buttons and embroidery, the seller will do it for you. This is one of the best Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy to give in 2021.

17. God is My Guide Compass

Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

Compass is the thing that guides us in our journey, and God is the guide who watches and guides us all over life. Combine the two thoughts into one, the craftsmen forge this compass. It has the engraved message inside

“Be strong and courageous! For the Lord, thy God is with thee wherever you go. Joshua 1:9”

The compass comes with a six-inch display stand. This baptism gift can be used as a beautiful antique decorative item with religious believes.

18. Personalized Baby Baptism Wood Block

Meaningful Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy

What about a baptism keepsake gift with a personalization option? The wooden block came with the engraved messages using laser and made with solid maple. You can personalize the name of the baptism boy, date, and day of baptism and the place of baptism. Finally, they engrave some sayings from the holy bible. A perfect item for baptism boy gift.

Baptism ceremony,

In the event, we welcomed our baby under our faith and made him blessed. For the event, we do many preparations and executions to make it holy and joyful. From the invitation for baptism boy to baptism baby boy outfit and Baptism Gift Ideas For a Boy, everything needs to be great and perfect to conduct the whole holy ceremony filled with fun. For your baby boy’s baptism, these are our 18 meaningful baptism boy gifts and outfits.

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