Do We Need Two Videographers On Our Wedding Day?

Do We Need Two Videographers On Our Wedding Day

As a part of a wedding day planning, you’ve decided to hire a wedding videographer. The event agency has offered you:  a solo videographer and a team of two videographers? Which one do you prefer? Which one will be more suitable for you? This article will shed light on such queries that most couples have. Couples that plan for their wedding, especially for videography, don’t realise the importance of a two-person wedding videographer team and how it can enhance your wedding filming and feasibility. 

The first question to ask your Gold Coast wedding videographer company is, ‘Can my videography company provide more than one videographer?, ‘What will be the cost?’. 

Many couples are now asking for MULTIPLE VIDEOGRAPHERS to film their entire wedding day.  The apparent BENEFIT of having numerous videographers is that your final film product will have recorded special memories from different angles. 

With two videographers constantly rolling film from multiple views, each smile, tear, and the moment is CAPTURED in such a way that you get a specially-curated love-story. 

It is not an unknown fact that many wedding videographers are solo shooters, following the belief of the quintessential one-man band, considering it as the basic understanding of the filming. For a top-class wedding filming result, you require two wedding videographers. It is recommended that every couple planning their wedding hire two videographers; it is not an option; it is a requirement, and here are the reasons why we believe you should hire a two-person videography crew rather than just one.

Following are the reasons why you need to hire two videographers for your wedding: 

  • Shooting from two different locations

The photographer can focus on the bride when walking down the aisle and while the other photographer can capture the groom’s reaction. 

One only has fewer opportunities to make the videography memorable, a single missed shot can affect the whole filming timeline. Remember that smiles and expressions can happen in a fraction of a second and can be easily overlooked. 

The most obvious reason is that it isn’t possible to be in two places at the same time. There is simply too much going on on a wedding day for one photographer to physically capture it all. Two videographers also mean they can stay longer during the preparation process than a single videographer. Many solo videographers must leave well before the bride puts on her gown so that they can properly set up at the wedding location. However, if two videographers work together, one can catch the bride getting into her gown and even unveiling it to her parents, while the other can cover the wedding venue with the groom.

  • Flexibility and more hands for the event 

Because there are two videographers, there is more flexibility to use more cameras and acquire better viewpoints throughout the day. Particularly for things like ceremonies and speeches, where a two-person crew can often yield far better outcomes than a single shooter. Because, relying on a static one-man camera view can end up the photographer missing key-moments. It is a nice alternative to have a second videographer to cover the events from all sides. A two-man videography team balances the quantity of the ‘must-get’ shots and even during editing, the videography team has a better quality selection, which means a better-completed product for the couple’s family and friends to enjoy for decades and generations to come. Finally, don’t overlook the speeches. In this circumstance, many shooters are required to catch both the speaker and the reaction shots at the same time, giving you a more “movie-like” playback when viewing your finished video result. You can ask for quote-packages when selecting the right videographer company to get the cheap videographer in Gold Coast. 

  • Creating a better atmosphere 

It’s tough to shoot wedding footage by yourself. Almost every wedding videographer will tell you that having a second shooter is preferable to having a single cameraman. Why? Because, in addition to the higher quality of footage they will be able to offer to you, having two shooters means that the hidden workload will be split between two people. 

What does it mean to have a hidden workload?

Loading and unloading equipment, finding parking, communicating with venue coordinators, charging batteries, and setting up tripods are all examples of what I refer to as “hidden workload.” While one shooter captures the after-wedding greetings, the other is taking away gear from inside the ceremony chamber. While one is photographing your arrival at the reception, the other is parking and unloading equipment for the evening. This hidden workload consists of duties that every videographer must complete, but that for one person can add up to a time-consuming and stressful component of the day. And if your videographer or photographer (who will be with you for the majority of the day) is stressed, some of that tension will most likely rub off on you and your guests, which is not something we want. Choosing a reliable, affordable videographer two-shooter team who is confident and can handle any scenario thrown at them while remaining positive, cheerful, and adding to your day reduces the workload stress on one individual. 

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