How to Prepare Your Children for a Move

Moving is a great deal for most families. Whether you are moving to the next apartment or a long-distance move, many things are affected. For example, you need to pack everything on time, label your boxes, and move your family to the new home. 

For most children, relocating to a new place is not easy. Most of them feel stressed because they will lose their friends, change their schools, and cope with the new place. 

The little kids may fail to fall asleep in the new home while the big children get sad and angry, knowing they are leaving so much behind. Most of them may not understand the reasons for moving. 

Hence, as a parent, you need to prepare your children for a move. Whether it is a local move or a long-distance one, you need to ensure everyone is well prepared for the move. Before you contact commercial movers, make sure your kids are ready for the move. 

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your children for the move. 

1. Announce the move as soon as you can

The best way to prepare your children is to announce the move to them as early as you plan to relocate. Do not wait until the last minute. Be ready for some of your kids to react with anger. 

Whether you are excited about the move or not, your children will react differently. Therefore, listen to them, acknowledge their concern, and try as much as you can to explain to them about the move. 

If your kids are too young and cannot understand, emphasize that everyone in the family is moving. Most young kids may feel they will be abandoned in the new place or left behind. 

2. Help the kids know what they expect in the new home

Another way you can ensure your kids are ready to move is by telling them more about the new place. Also, it might be a good idea to visit the new place before the actual moving day. Also, let them visit the new schools, parks, and nearby stores.  

Visit the local instructions such as supermarkets, libraries, churches or mosques, and other places to help the kids learn about the new place. You can also look for the best pizza area in the new neighborhood.

3. Let the kids mourn

It is alright for your children to mourn and express their anger about the move. Since they are young, you may think they will never see their friends and teachers again. Feeling heartbroken is healthy and will make them adjust well to the new place. 

*Let them visit their friends, exchange contacts, take photos, and say goodbye to everyone. 

*Visit your favored spots in the township to say goodbye as well. 

*Have around table dinner and share things you love as a family. Then discuss the move, and what you are looking forward to about the new place. 

4. Give your kids some control

Another great way to make your kids ready for the relocation is by giving them some control. For example, let them pack their items, participate in labeling the boxes, and do other moving tasks. 

Control kids

Also, you can let them participate in decision making. For instance, what color to paint their rooms, arrange their room, and where to put their toys. You can give them a budget for their room with the big ones. 

Moving time is the best time to get rid of things you do not want. Hence, you can allow the kids to sort out their belongings. Let them pack the useful items, donate items they do not need, and throw away useless items. 

So, let the children know that the books, toys, and clothes they are putting in the boxes will help them in the new house. Also, they should write their names on the boxes and ensure every box is well labeled. 

5. Let your kids’ schedule remain the same

You need to ensure your kids’ schedule remains the same as much as possible. This will help your kids adjust to the new home faster and without much stress. 

So, this is not the best time to wake your children early than before or to move them from a crib to a toddler bed. 

6. Set up the new children room first

Once you move to the new home, the first room to arrange should be the children’s room. The children boxes should go to the moving last and then be the first ones to be unloaded. 

Your room or the other rooms can be in confusion, but your kids should have a safe, calm room surrounded by familiar things. This will help them adjust well to the new place. It will also give them time to play or study as you unpack your things. 

7. Plan for cool activities once you arrive in the new home

Do not make the new place dull and uninteresting. Therefore, plan for some cool activities once you arrive in the new town. You can go swimming, look for the best pizza, go for a movie, and do various fun activities to make everyone feel comfortable. 

8. Help your kid stay in touch

It might be not easy to stay in touch when you move to a new home. This is because they are various activities such as unpacking, arranging the houses, and looking at the utilities. Hence, the attention may shift from the children to other activities. 

Hence, you need to help your kids stay in touch. Whenever they ask for help, assist them as soon as you can. You can also let them play games such as online games to be occupied. 


Moving is an overwhelming process that can affect everyone. Whether it is a DIY move or you have engaged office movers, the process is fatiguing. 

Everyone might feel stressed once they move to a new home from kids to parents. Kids will be affected by leaving their friends while parents will be stressed due to the confusion of moving. 

If you plan to move, hiring professional movers such as NYC movers is a good choice. They are skilled movers who will help you pack, move, and ensure the entire process goes not smoothly. 

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