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What is Better: An eReader or a Tablet for Reading Books?

It can be daunting to decide what is better, an eReader or a tablet for reading books, we are here to help. eReaders and tablets, both are great devices but there are pros and cons that you should be aware of before deciding to choose an eReader or a tablet. Let’s look at what eReaders and tablets are and what they have to offer for a person who loves reading books.


What are eReaders and Tablets?  

An eReader is specifically designed for readers, unlike a tablet that offers other services as well. An eReader can store millions of books at a time and can be easily carried along anywhere. It is made for reading and only reading. Nowadays, eReaders strive to give a similar experience like a hardcover book. You can comfortably read thanks to the backlight that you can adjust according to your preference. An eReader usually has an E-ink display that doesn’t strain the eyes. e-Readers also have a longer battery life as they don’t offer a multitude of features like a tablet. Some of the best eReaders today are Amazon’s Kindle Oasis, Kobo’s Libra H20, Nook by Barnes and Noble’s among others. 

Tablets are quite similar to our phones, they offer a lot more than an eReader. Tablets have everything sorted in one place. A little bigger than a phone with a bigger screen than a regular phone is what a tablet looks like. You can do a lot more with a tablet like playing games, watching movies, attending meetings, reading a book, or web surfing. There are many tablets but the best tablets for reading books are the Apple iPad and Samsung Tab among many others.  Should you buy a tablet then? It isn’t quite easy to pick one over the other. 

What does an eReader offer that is different from a tablet? 

Battery Life 

An eReader certainly offers a longer battery life, some even last for weeks together. Battery life is the major difference between a tablet and an eReader. You don’t need to charge an eReader as often as a tablet which means you can read without having to worry about charging your device. 


Most often an eReader is 6 inches whereas a tablet can be more than that, generally 10 inches or more. 


eReaders are lighter than tablets and easier to carry, they will fit in a tiny bag as well. 


It is a known fact that eReaders are less expensive as compared to a tablet. It is only used for reading whereas tablets can do a lot more than that. 


eReaders have softer e-ink displays that are also glare-free which even makes reading in sunlight easier and more comfortable. Tablets on the other hand have LCD which can cause strain on the eyes if you stare at it for a long time. 

Final Word 

Choosing eReader over a tablet for reading gives a far more superior experience than using tablets for reading. But, ultimately it depends on you what purpose you are using these devices for. If you want to read books and get more work done, you should choose a tablet but beware the extra features available on tablets can distract you while reading. If your goal is to only focus on reading, eReaders are your best bet. It not only gives you a similar experience like reading a book but it also can store thousands of books that you can easily access anytime. Choose wisely. 

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