Important Factors To Consider When You Buy A New Pen

Even in a world where digitization has replaced everything previously conventional writing tools have retained their relevance to this day. I believe that the sensation of holding something that is not digitized is unique and valuable in and of itself, like the best EDC pens.

We may find ourselves surrounded by unnecessary technological gadgets in this digital era. Still, on the other side, this has driven us to recognize the delight that non-electronic objects provide to our lives.

While several instruments may transport you back to a better and older time; a time when modern devices did not distract your mind.

Many people prefer the fragrance of a new book as opposed to an e-book book, the texture of a newspaper as opposed to an e-paper, and, most crucially, the sense of holding a pen as opposed to using an electronic notepad and smartpen.

Quality stationery provides enjoyment and relaxation that smartpens and digital notebooks cannot match. And, rather than gratification, a human’s ability to think, create, and be creative is only feasible when the mind and hands function in tandem. This is difficult to do with digital methods.

Now that our readers have a good understanding of the convenience given by these high-quality writing instruments (Pens), let us show you how to pick them:

Look for a good fit

A good fit, much like when buying clothes, is a sign of quality and style. Check for loose or ill-fitting pieces in your potential dream pen. The cap should snap, twist or pressure fit smoothly and tightly, with no noticeable wiggle or gap.

Cap bands and other embellishments should be tight, and the pocket clip should be straight and robust, snapping back into place with a slight tug.

Strive for balance

Hold the pen lightly in the crook of your thumb and index finger, as if you were about to write. There should be no visible additional weight toward the back or front of the pen. Use the pen cap that may be posted (connected to the back).

A little protection

Better manufacturers provide limited or lifetime warranties against problems. Also, understand the retailer’s policies from which you are getting your pen. Many boutique establishments will swap a fountain-pen nib or accept a return on a used pen within a few days after purchase.

Make your point

Examine the pen’s business end now. If you’re buying a fountain pen, consider whether you want a gold or steel nib. Both perform well, depending on your preferences, but a gold nib certainly adds to the pen’s overall cost.

Next, run the uninked pen’s nib across a sheet of paper. It should be smooth and devoid of dragging or scratching. The mechanism for extending and retracting the writing tip in capless rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, and gel pens should be smooth, and the writing point should remain securely in place once extended.

First and foremost, finish

There are several pen finishes to pick from, including resins, metals, celluloid, wood, and others. But do you want bright plastics, beautifully etched metal such as EDC bolt action pens, or a combination of the two? Check the finish for quality at all times.

When the pen is closed, the patterns on the cap and barrel should line up. Check for apparent burrs or rough edges by running your fingertips along the length of the pen. The pen has been uniformly polished with a consistent shine or matte finish.

Also, be aware of what you’re getting: To the untrained eye, acrylic and celluloid may appear identical, although the latter is less common and needs particular production procedures. The appearance of rhodium- or platinum-plated base metal is similar to sterling silver.

Be amazed

You believe you’ve discovered the ideal pen based on these criteria. It’s a high-polish sterling silver model that’s rock sturdy, with finely finished trimmings and an impeccably constructed body.

It’s well-balanced and writes like a dream—plus it’s reasonably priced. But what if you’ve always avoided metal pens in favor of bright and colorful plastics? Continue your search. Your ideal partner is still out there looking for you.


Starting with the ink—what features you need from it, how it has to work on the page, and what writing you feel you prefer—it’s simpler to narrow down other elements like design and tip size. Different types of pens are available in the market such as Fountain pens, Ball pens, Gel pens, Rollerball pens, EDC Action bolt pens, and many more. Follow the above-said factors while you buy a new pen.

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