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7 Gifts that Every Writer would Love

7 Gifts that Every Writer would Love

Writers love to write. Therefore, they love pens, notebooks, desk accessories, writing tables, and their ink bottles. These things are their tools that boost their creative juices to another level. Therefore, they admire these items. However, people do not know how to choose the best gifts for their beloved friends despite knowing what they love. So, here are the best gifts that every writer would love due to their love of pens, notebooks, and desk accessories.  

Why would giving gifts make you happier?

Giving a gift to someone is to maintain and even strengthen the social bond that unites you to that person. The gift functions as a marker of the social bond. And one of the components of psychological well-being is the feeling of connection to others. When we give gifts, as when we receive them, this feeling of connection increases. The effect is even more pronounced when a gift is given in person, and you see the joy and recognition on the recipient’s face.

Desk Accessories 

The first item that every writer would love to have as a gift is the desk accessories. The desk is for the writer a special place. That’s where they get their work done. Desk accessories include all the things that can be placed on the desk to help with writing. It could be a wooden desk organizer where they can place their gold cross pen on. Also, it could be a desktop planner to organize. Try to choose something that fits their personality so it can shine thru in their interior.

Luxurious Notebooks

Among the gifts to give to an author, notebooks are probably the simplest idea but also one of the most useful. While many writers use their computers to compose their books, the first ideas are usually born in the pages of small notebooks. Easy to carry around, notebooks allow them to jot down all their inspirations as they come, wherever they are. They are also an ideal medium for sketching out plans, plots, detailing characters, and even sketching the cover. Best of all, the notebooks are accessible to all budgets and are available in all colors and patterns. You will be spoiled for choice to please your loved one. They love to scribble in notebooks with their utensils. Therefore, every word smith will love to have a luxurious notebook for their best writings. Similarly, they often have Montblanc meisterstuck pens for writing notes because writings need special equipment. 

Roller ball pens

Writers love to create distinctive and stylish writings. Therefore, they would love to have a roller ball pen from pwakkerman. Roller ball pens use a distinctive mechanism of writing to create unique texts. These pens use a tiny roller ball on the pin, and this ball moves to leave water-based ink on the paper. It creates the best writing. Therefore, writers love to have roller ball pens. So, give them this pen, and they would love it.  

Ballpoint Pens

The fourth-best gift for any writer would be a ballpoint pen. They love to have great ballpoint pens like the lamy 2000 ballpoint pens in their collection. Ballpoint pens are the best alternative for ink pens. They do not need instant refills of ink while writing. Therefore, they love to have ballpoint pens during travelling and during conferences. Hence, ballpoint pens are essential for every writer. So, give them ballpoint pens, and they will remember you every time when they travel or use your ballpoint pen. 

Autobiographies of famous authors

What if, as a gift for an author, you offered advice from other authors? After all, who better than a writer to help — albeit indirectly — your loved one with their manuscript project? You will find biographies and autobiographies on almost all famous writers from all eras very easily. Beyond the lives of these authors, these stories highlight the inspirations of each, their failures, their successes, and their failures. It’s a great way to lift the spirits of a doubting loved one and, hopefully, give them lots of ideas. In this perspective, we can for example quote “Writing: Memoirs of a Profession” by Stephen King, where the master of horror gives his vision of literary creation and of what inspiration is. Whether you are a fan of the American novelist or not, his advice is still valuable.

Writing and editing software

On the computer side, the list of gifts to give to an author includes some particularly useful software. Starting with those that help with writing. If the vast majority of authors work in Word or OpenOffice, software such as Scrivener or Scrapbook can offer comfort to a loved one who is starting to type a manuscript. These programs require a different approach than a traditional word processor. But once mastered, they allow the author to organize more easily his notes, his plan or the different information about his story (places, characters, etc.). 

After writing, proofreading is an essential step. To help the author hunt down spelling and grammar errors and typos, why not offer a spell checker? These programs are much completer and more reliable than the spellcheckers integrated into traditional word processors. It’s a great way for authors to focus on their work.

Fountain Pens

The last best gift for any writer would be a fountain pen. They love the old classic fountain pens. Fountain pens are the first love of many. It happens because fountain pens are very popular due to their amazing writing and comfortable grip while writing. Furthermore, fountain pens have a century of history. Therefore, every writer would love to have a fountain pen as a gift. So, don’t even think twice and choose fountain pens as a next gift to your writer friend. 


In conclusion, writers are a rare breed. Therefore, their choice of gifts is unique because their choice is based on their interests and on their love for the writing. So, choose something from the above gift ideas for your beloved friends. Indeed, your beloved ones would love to have the above gifts. Therefore, don’t think twice and choose any of the above gifts! 

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