12 Lovely Flowers for Christmas Decoration

Christmas flowers are cherished and used during Christmas festivals. Christmas holidays are the most celebrated seasons in the world. This is because it is the celebration of the birth of Christ by Christians. Many countries celebrate using seasonal flowers.

Many people in the world celebrate the Christmas season. This includes Christians and non–Christian. It is always good to surprise your friends and relatives with flowers as gifts during the Christmas season. Christmas flowers and gifts always make the season enjoyable.

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1. Poinsettia Flower

Poinsettia Flower

Poinsettia is among the most popular Christmas flowers in the world. Mexicans believed that poinsettia flowers symbolize cleanliness or purity. Long ago, Christians in Mexico owned this flower and made it a Christmas eve flower.

This flower is known for celebrating the Christmas holidays. A large number of Christians use it for decorations during the Christmas season. Poinsettia is bright in color hence relating to the Christmas season. As the Christmas season approaches, you should consider these ancient flowers. We can also use this flower as a gift to your loved ones since it is wonderful.

Florists experts usually color them differently to become more Christmas-like.

2. Orchids

cymbidium orchids

They are very popular for Christmas decorations. Orchids are also known as Christmas cacti. They usually grow in different species as well. These flowers make good gifts for the Christmas season. They are unique and take time to wither.

We can well found these orchids in different colors and structures. You can use them as Christmas gifts to show how you feel. They make the best gifts for every occasion due to its beauty.

3. Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose

These are known to be the best Christmas flowers. Christmas roses are always very green, and various markets are usually selling Christmas roses in different species. Their flowers uncover around the time of Christmas. This is known to be a cut flower. This is due to its ability to glow.

4. Holly flower

Holly flower

Holy in most of the countries in Europe is regarded as a Christmas flower. This flower is used as a flower for celebrating Christmas. They are mostly hung on the doors. This flower is believed to be a source of eternity and abundance as well. Its leaves and berries are used for decoration during Christmas.

5. Ivy flowers

Ivy flowers

Ivy represents long life. Christmas flowers mostly represent that. It also represents coming back to life. They are greenish-yellow.

6. Paperwhites


These Christmas flowers bring about freshness. Their smell is also perfect. You can use these flowers to gift your loved ones during Christmas. When we use them in homes during Christmas, they bring about that sweet smell. This Christmas flower belongs to the group of narcissus but is a little bit small. Their representation is renewal and rebirth.

These flowers grow very fast and become very beautiful. For the Christmas season, you should use them to brighten up your home.

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7. Amaryllis


This Christmas flower is gorgeous, and it’s ideal for a Christmas celebration. Its flowers and stems are huge and beautiful. It lasts for a long time; hence it isn’t expensive to maintain. For the Christmas season celebration, this will make a fair and beautiful gift.

This flower is more beautiful when it is blended with other flowers for the arrangement. In simple terms, the word amaryllis means pop up, which is an ideal symbol for the Christmas season. Christmas flower amaryllis gives an idea of beauty, resolution, and pride.

8. Peony Flowers

Peony Flowers
Peony Flowers

Due to their beauty and good smell, peonies are very popular. Their origin is China. Most people worldwide opt for this flower. It can also be used as a Christmas flower since the season is all about good things. A bouquet of peony flowers is an ideal gift for Christmas. The peonies have these beautiful, closely packed petals. The petals open over a period of time. They are also found in different colors. They are mostly used to decorate weddings. You can as well use it for Christmas eve.

9. Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Lilies grow in water only. They are lovely in different colors. Not only do they have a popping beauty, but they also play a role in protecting the ecosystem. They provide a better home for fish by balancing the temperatures of water. They are ideal gifts for Christmas because they have these beautiful flowers and they also have huge leaves that can be seen floating on water. Their stems are also big. Lilies have a good smell too.

10. Lotus Flowers

Lotus Flowers

This flower makes a good gift for Christmas due to its beautiful flowers. Despite it growing in the mud, it has breathtaking flowers. For a Christmas flower, you should opt for this. It is the most beautiful flower growing in water. For it to grow well, sunshine must be available. This flower does open during the day, and at night it closes. It should be used as a Christmas flower since it represents peace, wholeness, divinity, and grace. Lotus also has a delightful smell. This would definitely be a better gift for your loved ones.

11. Tulips


Keukenhof garden for flowers, which is sited in the Netherlands, is known for growing tulips. This garden is extensive and grows tulips each spring season. If tulips flower is presented to anyone, they would very much appreciate it. This is because of their attractiveness. They are seen in almost all colors except for the pure blue one. Their stem in some species has several flowers of different colors. The disadvantage of tulips is their life span is short. This flower is beautiful and can be used as Christmas gifts.

12. Roses


As a Christmas gift, roses are the best. Red roses are a representation of love and affection. They are one of the oldest and pretty flowers. Their smell is extraordinary. Their beauty popularizes them hence can be used for Christmas. They are in different colors.


Christmas flowers make the season very enjoyable. To honor the birth of Jesus, we should send flowers and gifts. The listed above are just a few of the flowers used as gifts for the Christmas holidays. It would be best if you guys always looked for the best flower and gift for the Christmas celebration. Receiving or giving a gift on Christmas is the best feeling ever.

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