9 Neverheard Unusual Gifts Ideas for Your Loved Ones

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably looking for some great gift ideas for your friends and family. Finding the perfect gifts for people who seem to have everything they need is tough, and you’ll want to get things that will be appreciated and cherished for a long time. This season, make it a memorable winter with thoughtfully personalized gifts. When you’re searching for inspiration, get started with classic ideas, but set a new spin on them. Ready to surprise and delight the hearts of loved ones with unusual gifts ideas?

1. Fantastic Christmas Tree Ornaments

christmas tree ornament

Create your own Christmas tree ornaments in a selection of colors, shapes, and sizes using molds and deep pour epoxy. This magical material is highly versatile and available in the form of two liquids. You’ll combine both and pour the liquid into molds along with glitter, shimmer, shells, or any other tiny objects. While the epoxy is still soft, that’s the time when you can add the holders for ribbons that allow hanging on the tree. 

Add any other embellishments and place the ornaments on a level surface to cure until they’re set. Pack in eco-friendly paper and present.

2. Adorable Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait

Personalized portraits are unique and one of the best ways to show your loved ones that you care about them. This holiday season, commission a custom pet portrait of their furry friend. You don’t have to be a photography pro; you can take a picture using your cell phone and upload it to the site. Search your friend’s social media or the texts they send you for a digital likeness that perfectly captures the little guy. 

While you’re at it, you could also order a phone case for a portable portrait to match the one adorning the wall. If your gift is for a family, this is an easy way to win points with any teenage recipients.

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3. Hanukkah Gift Basket

Hanukkah Gift Basket
Hanukkah Gift Basket

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah (or, if your friends are), the holiday would not be complete without traditional Jewish sweets. Select an elegant Hanukkah gift basket with toys like dreidels for the kids and a mini menorah with candles for the grown-ups. You’ll also select almonds, kugels, gourmet chocolates, jelly-filled donuts, and Hanukkah gelt, all of which are a part of ancient Jewish customs. It’s a great way to shower your loved ones with warmth and good wishes. 

4. Commit to the Future of the Planet

The holiday spirit is all about spreading good cheer and reaching out to the people in need. Include planet Earth in your list of friends and think about what you can do for the world. Consider getting an environmental cause bracelet available in different colors, which signifies various causes. 

For instance, green beads show your commitment to reforestation, while blue beads support programs that fund plastic harvesting from the oceans. If you would like to contribute toward clean air, order the amber yellow accessories for both men and women. Choose these bracelets instead of traditional jewelry for an unexpected twist and be unusual gifts ideas. 

5. Coloring Books and Crayons for Kids

Coloring Books and Crayons for Kids

Bringing coloring books and crayons for younger family members is a time-honored tradition. This time, you could consider buying recycled crayons and preventing close to 60 tons of used crayons from ending up in landfills every single day. The process is simple and can be easily done at home. This is a wonderful way to get your kids excited about gift-giving.

You’ll need molds of the shapes you like, such as stars or squares. Shallow muffin trays or silicone ice cube trays work very well. Collect old crayons and take off the wrappers. Here’s where it gets interesting: Warm in the oven to melt the wax and top with stickers.

You could create rainbow crayons by combining bits and pieces of different colors. Or, you could pile in similar colors; Package in wooden or cardboard boxes.

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6. Long Distance Touch Lamp

Long Distance Touch Lamp
Long Distance Touch Lamp

What if whenever you could let your loved ones know when you’re thinking of them? Just by gifting a lamp. The complete package includes two lamps connected by phone apps. You’ll gift one lamp and install the other in your home. Each time you tap the lamp, the coordinated twin will also light up. And, when your friends wish to let you know that the message is received, they can tap their lamp. In response, the one in your home changes colors. 

7. Heated Massage Seat for Outdoors

Heated Massage Seat for Outdoors

This one’s an excellent product for loved ones who enjoy spending time outdoors regardless of the weather. More families have patio or terrace living areas where they spend time working, dining, or just letting kids and pets play. Gift them this heated massage seat that can be set up on the sofas. Suitable for a single person and portable, the seat can be recharged and moved to any place, as needed. Your friends can simply pack them away when summer rolls around. If you’re looking for alternatives to the classic yard decoration gift ideas, try these unusual gifts ideas. 

8. Phone Charger & Sanitizer

Phone Sanitizer Charger
Phone Sanitizer Charger

Chargers for phones are indispensable for every household. But here’s a new idea. Get a charger for your friends that will also sanitize their handsets with UV rays. Not only are these chargers compatible with all smartphones, but they also offer wireless charging for Qi-enabled smartphones. The case is large enough to fit even larger phones. You could also sanitize smartwatches, keys, headphones, and any other daily use small objects that are hard to clean. Need to get rid of germs on a baby pacifier? Slip it into the sanitizer case for a while.

9. Cool Apparel for Your Adventurous Friends

Cool Apparel for Your Adventurous Friends
Cool Apparel for Your Adventurous Friends

What are you going to pick out this year for your cool friend? You know the one, she’s always heading off on her next adventure. Just because your friend’s a tough, practical gal doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some apparel that matches her vibe. There is plenty of women’s motorcycle t-shirts for anyone who blends formidable with cute.

When you’re searching for unusual gifts ideas for loved ones this Holiday season, pick out items that take a classic, all-time favorite gift idea and make it even better. Get creative, and you won’t have to worry about getting boring gifts that might just (ahem!) end up being “recycled.” When recipients open your presents and exclaim, “I love it!” this year, they’re going to mean it. 

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