Use ergonomic furniture and accessories to fight office injuries and ailments instead of spending money on medicines. Suggestions-

Ergonomic furniture, such as standing desks, and accessories are better options than medicines because they
can completely mitigate probable office injuries and ailments. This is way more economical than regular medical
This is not an attempt to dissuade you from medications, however, if you are a working professional who has had
to contend with workplace injuries, ergonomic furniture (standing desks) and accessories are what you need. We
can reason it out in the most logical manner as well. Office injuries and ailments are not something new and they
will not be completely wiped out all of a sudden. Yes, we have utmost faith in medicines. But if you calculate the
cumulative expenditure that you have incurred on medicines, you’ll realise that it’s way more than investing in an
ergonomic furniture or accessory option.

UX Office is a leading name in wholesale office furniture such as wholesale desks.
Standing desks are certified protectors from spinal discomfort and injuries. They are worth every penny.

What are the most common office injuries and ailments?

Fractures caused by slips and falls

Never out of picture, slips and falls can lead to serious fractures and muscle injuries. You may require to spend
some days in the hospital as well if the injury is too severe.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is characterised by pain, numbing, throbbing, and tingling of the wrists, fingers,
palms, and lower arms. It’s caused by excessive use of the mouse and keyboard and un-ergonomic placement
of the wrists and arms. It may debilitate people for life, if gone untreated, and can hamper their productivity and

Neck tension and backpains

Two of the major culprits in thwarting efficiency and productivity in offices, neck tension and backpains are linked
to sedentary working in and un-ergonomic seating. Neck tension and backpains may get severe with time and
may not budge to medicines. Working professionals facing these afflictions often end-up in the critical care wards
in hospitals.

Eyes strains and the associated headaches

Eye strains are caused by improper placement of the workstations and excessive exposure to computer screens.
Eye strains can compound into severe headaches, fatigue, depression, and lack of productivity. You’ll have to
repeatedly visit the doctor and spend heavily on the treatment.

Foot fatigue

There are no half-measures here. Foot fatigue makes mobility a challenge for office workers. Foot fatigue can
take different forms such as swelling, soreness of soles, aches, and numbing. The medicines to cure them are
costly as well.

How can ergonomic furniture and accessories be helpful in mitigating office injuries?

Posture improvement

Ergonomic furniture and accessories are designed to transform the slouch into an upright stance. Ergonomic
furniture and accessories are marked by adjustability which makes them compatible for people of all shapes and
sizes. Standing desks, ergo stools, desk converters, office chairs are ideal for posture improvement, and they
can be complimented with accessories such as footrests and standing boards. There can be various ergonomic
combos to enhance posture improvement and fight neck tension.

Healing backpains

Ergonomic furniture and accessories are equipped with lumbar support which keeps the lower back in the natural
shape and position. Office desk chairs, stools, desk converters, and sit stand desks are ideal for healing
backpains and enhancing productivity.

Remedy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ergonomic accessories such as mice, mousepads, and keyboards provide ample space for the wrists and lower
arms to move smoothly on the working desks. Meanwhile, sit stand desks also have ample space for ergonomic
positioning of hands and lower arms. By delivering a meaty blow to pains, aches, numbing, and throbbing of
wrists and lower arms, ergonomic furniture and accessories help those working professionals who suffer from the
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Eye comfort

Ergonomic furniture and accessories allow people to keep their laptops at the medically recommended heights
and distance from the eyes. The best examples here are ergonomic monitor arms, sit stand desks, and desk
converters. When working professionals use ergonomic furniture and accessories, they notice drastic
improvement in eye issues. It’s way better and more economical than spending money on medicines.


Ergonomic furniture and accessories may sound expensive initially but they turn-out to be way cheaper than
aggregate medical expenditure. We have to choose ergonomic furniture and accessories over medicines in order
to mitigate injuries and ailments in offices.

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