Gift Ideas For Baker At Every Skill Level

A baker is an angel in human form. For some people, baking is just a hobby. While for some people, baking is therapeutic and soothing at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro – once you learn and start baking, there’s no looking back. Whatever it may be, bake your way.

A baker has a keen eye for intricate details. This feature helps them when it comes to crafting the layout of breads, cookies,  etc. It also helps in cakes and cupcakes while decorating fondant decorations, royal icing, chocolate ganache, and many more.

Finding gifts for bakers is not an easy task, yet it’s a thrilling one. They may have a variety of baking essentials and tools, but a pastry chef does not mind having new ones in their baking kit. They will never deny a cute cake stand for their next Barbie cake. Or a pretty cookie mold to try a new design. And the baking gifts are endless.

So if you know someone who is a determined baker or bakes things just for their happiness, we have covered gifts for everyone. Here are the sweet and the best gifts for bakers for every type of chef:

1. Apron For Bakers:

When things happen systematically, it creates discipline, be it anywhere. And for bakers, it goes for wearing an apron. Whether they are baking focaccia or sourdough, an apron is a must. Kitchen aprons are not only limited to maintaining hygiene and productivity but also provide safety to the chef. It will protect them from excessive heat coming from the oven. Gift giving an apron would be a good option for your dedicated home baker. Cotton aprons are lightweight, easy to wash, and very comfy, especially in summer. For women chefs, try to choose floral-printed designs or some funky shades. And for male chefs, go for checks printed in blue or gray ones. It is one of the best gifts for the baker in your life.

2. Baking Spatula Set:

Spatula is a baker’s best friend. It makes things easier for them in their baking journey. From mixing the batter to flipping the pancakes, they are usable everywhere. So surprise your chef with a mixing spatula for baking. When it comes to gifting, silicone spatula is best because they are non-scratchable, heat-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. They can use them in non-stick utensils also. Unlike plastic spatulas, they will freely use it without fear of melting the material. They are available in many shades. It is the best gift idea for bakers. 

3. Digital Food Scale:

Volume measurement and weight measurement are different things. A baker cannot imagine a perfect cake without the help of a kitchen scale. It helps them in weighing the right amount of ingredients to put in. And it also tells how much nutrient intake is there in the recipe. It is one of the best gift ideas for bakers and cooks. 

4. Cake Stand Set:

Imagine a super pretty cake, but to make it look top-notch, a baker will require the cake display — a cake stand with a lid. So consider giving your baker a white ceramic cake stand set for a chic look. It comes in three different sizes — big, medium, and small. It is not only limited to placing cakes, but a chef can also keep other sweet treats, like cheesecakes, desserts, pastries, etc. Your cake stand will not ruin the sides of the cake and will remain intact. Your baker will surely appreciate you for this gift idea.

5. Baking Dish Gift Sets:

It is one of the most crucial baking accessories a baker would need. A casserole dish set will help a baker in heating baked goods. It comes in glass, stoneware, and porcelain material. Baking dishes are available in many sizes and shapes, like round, square, rectangular, and heart-shaped. These are perfect for baking savory dishes such as potato au gratin, baked eggs, casseroles, and many more.

6. Oven Mitts Set:

As they say, precaution is better than cure. This saying is also true in the baking world. Give your baker a pair of gloves to ensure safety while baking. Oven gloves are fire and heat-resistant. It’s versatile because these are great for baking, cooking, and grilling. The fabric of cooking gloves is so thick that any hot utensil will not easily slip from their hands. These are available in many designs and shades. If you are selecting kitchen mitts for a women’s baker, go for floral prints. And for men baker, choose a funny pun saying and darker shades. It is one of the best gifts for bakers at every level.

7. Cookie Cutter Set:

A pastry chef will love this gift-giving idea. It will be the best gift for baker friends, whether they are baking Christmas cookies or alphabet cookies for kids in bulk. It will help them in shaping cookies neatly. Cookie cutter shapes are available in so many cute designs. The material of cookie molds is stainless steel and plastic, which is long-lasting.

8. Rolling Pin For Baking:

It’s time to roll things out. It is a much-needed baking accessory for flattening the dough. Give your chef a wooden rolling pin to roll their next pasta and pie dough. It will help to flatten the thick dough very easily. With the help of an adjustable rolling pin comes with four removable discs that will increase the rolling area by different portions. If you want to give a unique gift, you can also look for an engraved rolling pin. It will imprint a beautiful pattern on the dough. 

9. Mixing Bowl Set:

It is one of the most ideal items a baker will need. Whether they are whipping cream or mixing the ingredients, mixing bowls with lids will help them in all ways. They can also use these bowls for storing leftovers, mixing salads, and so on. Ceramic mixing bowls are easy to clean, but nothing can beat the stainless steel mixing bowls. They can also handle electric beaters, which is impossible in the former. Overall, it is a good gift for a baking lover.

10. Measuring Cups And Spoons:

If you are thinking, what are measuring cups and spoons used for in baking? Let me guide you. This baking tool will help the baker to measure the dry ingredients. It will balance the elements in the cake recipe, and a baker will get the exact taste. Unlike on a food scale, they can also measure the liquid ingredients, which is not possible on a food scale. This stainless steel measuring spoon set is available at the gift shop. It is one of the perfect gifts for bakers who have everything.

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