Novelties in the Casino Industry: Improvements of 2021

The casino industry has had unprecedented events occur due to the pandemic. However, the pandemic also marked a year of change as business owners and companies developed creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenges on hand. 

As a result, 2021 has been a year where most novelties have risen and started a growth pattern in the Casino industry. One such innovation is the True Blue casino daily free spins, allowing players to play for an extended amount of time, free of charge and without fear of fraud or insecurity. Some innovations are meant to improve or enhance the current performances. These include:

  • Touch-Free And Cash-Less technology For Land-Based Casinos 
  • Casino Game Customization Based On Data Analytics 
  • Cryptocurrencies As A Mode Of Payment To Withdrawals 
  • Skill-Based Games
  • Virtual And Augmented Reality

Touch-Free and Cash-Less Technology for Land-Based Casinos 

Everything is evolving to a “Touch-Free.” The thermostat has a sensor that automatically allows your heating in the house to switch on due to movement. Your cabin comes with an automatic lock that requires voice or retina to unlock. Another perfect example is home or office lights that automatically switch on at a particular time of the night or issuing instructions to Alexa to search Google for answers and more. The same innovation and technological vigour the casino industry is experiencing in 2021 with Touch-Free technology. 

Land-based casinos are looking forward to automating their slots or pokies machines to touch Free. The innovators explain that game machines should no longer hold space on the casino floor. Instead, players would use a virtual screen to play. The floating screen would have sensors that activate and help the player input the essential data before playing. However, what is set to take the world by Storm is developing the QR Code designed to transfer a live gaming session from one’s personal computer to a mobile platform on the personalised player account!

Due to fraud, theft, and other crimes, land-based casinos are now asking for smart cards. Patrons visiting the casino receive a smart card representing their bank balance or amount. Thus, players no longer have to handle cash or casino chips when playing. The aim is to ensure safety practices and limit crimes in the casino. 

Casino Game Customization Based on Data Analytics 

Casinos are now collecting player data and visitors who open the casino lead page. Data collected varies depending on the individual’s behaviour online. The data matches specific categories and can reach a particular experience. The data collected undergoes analysis to better understand and form a strategic plan from resultant outcomes. For instance, players find that the game requires support in an upcoming casino game, but the manufacturer provides none. Casinos can contact the provider and inform them of the challenge. The provider can either design another game and incorporate all improved features or do away with the old and let the new come in. Data analytics can also help identify improper gambling patterns and behaviours to allow people to play or gamble responsibly! 

Since passwords present a challenge, casinos are now using facial recognition as proof of ownership of the gaming account. If a player cannot access the account, you can use your facial features. The technology is already in execution on land-based casinos. It helps monitor and keep track of players coming in, out, and who may have committed a crime while playing!

Cryptocurrencies as a Mode of Payment to Withdrawals 

Cryptocurrencies were never in use in the past years. The use of digital coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum has gained momentum in 2021. The eye can be considered the launch year due to the spread and acknowledgement of cryptocurrencies in casinos. All top online casinos providing gambling services to players across the globe have a cryptocurrency platform. 

The payment choice belongs to the player. You can pick a banking option that exposes your banking information. However, if you want to act anonymously, consider going the “Crypto Way.” It is fast, effective, and efficient to get payments done or withdraw your cash! Plus, Crypto is secure, and Crypto sites follow strict rules. Also, all operations are fair and transparent. 

Skill-Based Games

The popularity of poker as “Game of Skill” has risen to unknown proportions. Governments have issued a tax on all poker players indicating poker to be a source of income. Based on these specific casino games, developers are now more interested in developing skill games instead of luck. The aim is to help individual gamers develop the interest to know a game inside and out. After the various poker tours held across the world, it is now clear that skills games surpass those of luck. Plus, understanding the game makes it much more fun, as you can exploit several gaming strategies at once, guaranteeing you a win! 

Games of skills can be compared to Video Games. Developers indicate that video games require a certain level of intelligence. If you are unaware, you cannot proceed to the next level or surpass the hindrances preventing you from winning. The target market for this specific game design is the younger people. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Game developers have already put in much effort to grow the virtual and augmented reality industries. Players can now play 3D slots using virtual reality technologies. You will find major live 3D live casino games you can play. The only challenge with Virtual reality is the hardware necessary for use. 2021 has been a year where improvements in virtual reality are expected but not yet out. However, many predict that developers would start first with augmented reality. The technology would work very well with any potential electronic device. 

With the need for hardware for virtual reality, it is difficult not to mention “Wearables.” It is a technology whose owners are yet to perfect. However, wearable devices represent a vast potential for casinos as these devices can connect to various systems at a go. For instance, smart glasses can bring the casino to you! 


There are many novelties in the casino industry in the year 2021. Some of the most celebrated include the touch-free and cash-less technology for land-based casinos, casino game customisation based on data analytics, cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment to withdrawals, skill-based games, and virtual and augmented reality. These aren’t the only technologies that have improved the casino industry in 2021. Others include 5G technology, Gambling identity cards, and more live sessions with a dealer on a blackjack table! These novelties’ development and flawless execution will see the industry rise far above other entertainment options. Let us wait and see what the future holds!

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