Best Virtual Gifts For Your Loved One In This Lockdown

It is a pandemic. It has gotten us napping 24 hours a day or binging on entire 7 seasons of a show for three days straight and for those of us who stay alone, it has gotten us cooking, cleaning, and repeating the same things day after day. We know the pain!! What about gifts? Did you know that virtual gifts there is a growing trend on it and people are doing it more than ever. So let’s check out the best virtual gifts you can try this year of lockdown.

Everything else aside, we have still got the people we love. And if you are quarantined with them, you can always make the best of it and appreciate your time together. And if sadly, like most of us, you are away from them at these uncertain times, you have still got ways to stay connected.

We are going to see some of the best virtual gift ideas for your loved one this lockdown period.

  • Best Virtual Gifts for Birthday
  • Best Virtual Gifts for Valentines Day
  • Best Virtual Gifts for Anniversary

At and Oyehappy, We cherish your relationships and loved ones. And we are always looking for ways to make them feel cherished on your behalf. We have all been there when you keep racking your brain for days to surprise them with something thoughtful that tells them how special they are. And a thoughtful gift during lockdown is especially taxing with limited resources. And if a special person’s birthday or your anniversary is coming up during lockdown, fret not. We have got the most unique lockdown gift ideas for you to choose from. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Virtual Birthday Gifts

Best Virtual Gifts

Our happiness scientists have discovered new ways to surprise your loved one on their special day even during a lockdown. This is the 21st century and along with pandemics, global warming and almost world war 3,  it has also blessed us with a zillion means of staying connected to each other. At least we have that. Because no matter what, we need our loved ones the same way they need us. And now more than ever. So we are here making sure none of your friends family or a loved ones will have to go without feeling loved on their special day with wonderful birthday present ideas. Because happiness is essential too along with groceries, medicines, and masks.

Here are some of the Quarantine Birthday Gift Ideas you can choose from, depending on what makes your loved one happy:

1. Birthday Countdown Surprise

We all know that one person probably waits for their Birthday months in advance. Apart from our respect and love, these people deserve something more – a bunch of 7 virtual surprises, each leading to their Birthday. Each day, a beautifully designed surprise will be Emailed/Whatsapp to the special person. The first e-gift will be sent 6 days before their Birthday, the second e-gift 5 days before, and so on. With each gift, a letter will also be sent to the birthday girl/guy.

2. Birthday Chronicles

Everyone wants to be famous and be in the newspapers (for the right reasons preferably). How about giving your loved ones a shot at fame with a virtual newspaper cover story written entirely for them? Based on the nature, likes, and interests of the person, the article can be themed around the special one. The completely customized gift will comprise a message from you, a public notice from the PM, a funny weather report, an astrology section, and lots more.

3. Virtual Caricature

If you know someone who’s cute and adorable, make them look cuter and a lot more adorable in caricature form. The handcrafted caricature portrait is personalized with details about the special person – making it the perfect Birthday or Anniversary surprise. Instead of a regular caricature, we add an extra touch by including any 1 thing which the special person loves doing. In the photo below, for example, a suitcase and books have been added for her love of reading and traveling.

4. Birthday Countdown Mails

Here is another creative lockdown birthday gift to surprise your loved one. These beautifully written letters are sent for 7 days leading up to their birthday. Each day, one cutely designed letter will be emailed/Whatsapp to the special person. The first letter will be sent 6 days before their Birthday, the second letter 5 days before, and so on.

Best Virtual Gifts for Valentines Day

Best Virtual Gifts

Sometimes, all you need to make someone smile, grin, and cry at the same time is to take them on a trip down memory lane. Gift your loved one a virtual book of adventures where the entire story is customized completely for the both of you. After the last message, your loved one will find 30-second video footage recorded by you.

Wishes By Strangers

The happy birthday call at midnight is now a cliché. Let’s remove the cliché bit from the classic and add a little twist to it! Have a bunch of friendly strangers call your loved one throughout his or her special day with only the last call of the day revealing who arranged for the surprise. A Biryani lover will get calls saying the entire city of Hyderabad will eat Biryani in their honor today and a Punjabi music lover may pick the phone to a Honey Singh song sung by a stranger. A virtual birthday gift anyone would appreciate if you ask us!

Best Virtual Gifts for Anniversary

Best Virtual Gifts

Anniversaries are always special. Because it is the memories and everything you have been together that marks the anniversary of any relationship. And it is always the relationships that we choose, that create a special day for an anniversary. Be it friendship or a romantic relationship. And at times like this, memories are the most valuable thing that we have. Because they remind us that those days will come back, we just need to stay strong until they do. And we have found several ways to feel closer to your loved ones on your anniversary and remind them that you will always be there for them. No matter what.

1. Open This When Mails

All of us have special people in our lives for whom one surprise is simply not enough. Especially if it is for your anniversary. For them, here’s a special set of Open When Mails, which works for every mood (even the terrible ones). To make sure that the lockdown doesn’t ruin your anniversary, a set of 6 ‘Open This When’ Emails are sent to him/her. Each mail, drafted with really funny content, is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood only. Inside each mail, he/she will also find a little surprise e-gift to go with the mood.

For example, open this when you are feeling naughty: This email contains 15 unapologetically naughty dares – from role-playing and quickies to lap dances and blindfolded action. Each dare is password protected and only you will be mailed all the 15 passwords in advance. You can choose to give away one password whenever you want to unlock a dare.

2. Virtual Stars Above Us

The stars never look the same twice. As our planet, the position of the stars above us changes with it. We create beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you.

So if you would like to frame the moment when you guys first met here’s one of the most beautiful ways of doing it. This makes for the best anniversary surprise.

3. E-Portrait For Couple

Have a favorite picture of you both you always wanted to frame? Turn it into an exceptionally beautiful work of art designed by an artist. We will send you a virtual copy of the digitized version of your beautiful picture. You can frame it and find a place for it in your room. The photo is converted into a digital portrait by a professional. All you have to do is share a picture with us, and we’ll create the perfect gift.

4. Naughty Quarantine App

Want to let go of the lockdown stress for your anniversary and replace it with some sexual tension with your spouse instead? Every couple needs random acts of naughtiness to keep the spark between them alive. Here’s a special app designed to help you do just that. After the app is installed by your loved one, it begins with a bunch of messages explaining the rules. Each day, a naughty dare or a task flashes on their screen as a notification. If they tap on the notification, the app will automatically open. To make it a little more interactive, a feedback form will also be shared the next day to make your partner rate your performance. A total of 30 dares will be shared over a period of 30 days.

5. Elvis On My Phone

Things that cannot be expressed in words or cards are better done with songs. Get a professional guitarist to surprise your loved one with a video and make your anniversary a little extra special with this musical surprise.

This a little gist of how you can surprise your loved ones and let them know you are always there for them, no matter how hard the times are. A little happiness goes a long way in making sure your loved ones are okay. If you want to look for more ways to make your loved ones happy, you can head over to our website and check out more of our virtual gifts.

And make sure you take care of yourself as well alongside napping and binging on Netflix. Follow us on Instagram for fun content and if you would like to stay connected. Stay safe!

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