Wedding Flowers: How to Find Your Wedding Flower Style?

Wedding Flowers: How to Find Your Wedding Flower Style

Wedding decorations are the most significant and beautiful part of your wedding celebration. When it comes to wedding decoration ideas it is important that you are very well aware of the types of flowers you would like to include in your decorations. However, if you don’t know which wedding flower styles suit your preference and need the best, then you have stumbled upon the right place. There are many factors you need to consider while exploring the different types of wedding flowers for your big day. Flower decoration can do wonders and leave an everlasting impression on the minds of people celebrating the most important day of your life. 

Here in this article, we will walk you through the most common and simple flower arrangement styles that will help you identify your perfect match at affordable and stress-free prices. So without wasting any time further, let’s explore this post. 

Wedding planning

Before we look into the different types of flower arrangements styles, it is important that you have everything ready beforehand. You must make sure to first decide the location of your wedding and the season in which you are planning to tie the knot. This way you will get an idea of your budget constraints and the availability of your favourite flowers. If you wish to have non-seasonal flowers for your wedding decoration then you might have to check the availability of the same with your florist. You will also be able to decide and identify the areas in your wedding location that need the most and least installation of floral arrangements. 

Types of wedding flower style 

Now let us look into types of wedding flowers styles and designs that suit your preferences and requirements the best.

1. Traditional wedding

The traditional wedding is all about white or light-coloured flowers and nosegay bouquet arrangements. If you wish to keep your wedding decoration simple yet aesthetic then traditional wedding decoration is your go-to floral arrangement style. You can pair this white or light-coloured flower combination with a gorgeous ball gown or simple crepe wedding dress along with the hints of lush greenery. You can also opt for white roses or daisies or other beautiful white blooms in your floral arrangements. Scented flowers can leave positive impacts on your wedding day and can also stay fresh for longer periods of time.  

2. Modern wedding 

A modern wedding is where you want to live at the moment. Sleek, minimalistic, and contemporary are perfect words to describe the vibes of this wedding style. You can add your favourite flowers and colour scheme to this unique style of wedding decorations. Instead of decorating the whole wedding location with heavy arrangements, you simply opt for trending and in-demand floral arrangements in the markets. Theme decoration ideas can be the ultimate choice for these types of weddings. 

3. Bohemian 

In Bohemian wedding styles, wedding decorations are more focused on centre stages and the line of the aisle. This way the wedding decorations are concentrated more in the areas where couples will be taking vows or conducting other activities. If you are facing budget constraints then the bohemian wedding style is all you need. You can decorate the line of your aisle with vintage oriental rugs or seasonal flowers to get that free-spirited yet elegant look to your decorations. 

4. Rustic 

Rustic weddings are the evergreen wedding styles that couples can never get tired of. Rustic weddings generally take place in beautifully restored barn venues. Nevertheless, you can create your own rustic style wedding in your backyard or other garden wedding location with the help of a few wooden and floral arrangements. You can decorate your wooden farm tables with the help of twinkling fairy lights to add aesthetic effects to your evening or night celebrations. Coral and white roses with the hint of rosemary and olive branches floral arrangements can do wonders to your wedding decorations.  

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