Tips to Use Fonts for Creative Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a popular way to show love and appreciation to family members and friends. As they are so popular there’s increasing competition in this space. One way to make a creative gift card stand out is to use the right fonts. Here are some useful tips for selecting fonts that will capture attention the moment they see it.

Make sure fonts include accents if necessary

The fonts you choose for a gift card must include the accents you need for the languages you use on it. For example, if you need to use French, the word pronunciation changes depending on whether it appears with an acute accent (é) or a grave accent (è).

Letters with accents are not that common in English but perfectionists like to write café rather than café and use résumé accent marks. In other languages knowing how to put an accent over a letter is critical for the correct pronunciation. If you want to know how to type accents on Mac, there are different ways to do it. For example, to create accents on letters you can simply hold down the letter and an accent menu appears from which you can choose the appropriate one. Some third-party apps also allow you to create an accent mark on a Mac. Try one of those for a better experience.

Fonts should set the tone

The card font style should convey its purpose and message. A sleek, elegant font is suited for a luxury brand gift card. A playful font is more appropriate for a toy store gift card. 

A Serif font is more formal than a sans-serif font. It has small flourishes at the ends of each letter, unlike sans-serif. Serifs are more traditional and sans-serif ones look more modern. Some popular serif fonts for gift cards like Times New Roman also make a good business card font. 

  • Times New Roman is a classic one appropriate for gift cards with a more conservative appeal. 
  • Garamond is known for its sophistication and elegance. It’s a popular choice for a luxury brand gift card. 
  • Baskerville has a vintage, nostalgic appeal as it dates back to the 18th century. This font is suited to gift cards for artisanal goods or specialty shops. 
  • Here are some popular sans-serif that give a contemporary, clean look to gift cards. 
  • Helvetica has a clean, modern look. It is simple and straightforward so it’s suitable for use on gift cards with a minimalist look. 
  • Arial is another popular sans-serif that’s easy to read. It’s well suited to use as a business card font or for a contemporary-looking gift card. 
Gift card

Choose readable fonts 

Fonts for gift cards must be clear and easy to read. An intricate font that’s difficult to decipher could prevent a recipient from understanding the message of the card. This will beat the entire purpose of presenting one.

Script fonts are popular on gift cards because they look like handwriting. Some of them are difficult to read because they are so intricate. It’s important to choose ones that are easier to read like Alex Brush Script. This script gives a card an elegant look but is also easy to read. 

Choose one with the right personality 

Every font has a specific personality. Some fonts have fun-loving, playful personalities whereas others are more traditional and serious. Fonts for business cards will have different personalities from those for travel gift cards.

  • Pacifico is a script font with a carefree, laid-back style. It’s perfect for use on gift cards related to adventures or travel.
  • Raleway font has a contemporary, modern feel and works well for gift cards related to technology.
  • Abril Fatface is an example of a decorative font with bold, serif letters. The contrast between thick and thin lines creates drama. It’s good to use for a jewelry or fine dining restaurant gift card.
  • Lobster is a bold, curvy present. It gives a fun look to a gift card for a candy shop. 

Limit fonts to two per card

It’s common practice to use a serif or sans-serif font together with a script font. The dynamic between them creates balance and is pleasing to the eye. Using too many fonts on a gift card makes it look cluttered and unprofessional. 

The same applies to business cards and the best business card font is often serif like Baskerville. Use it together with a sans-serif such as Futura for a professional look. 


Choosing the perfect fonts for gift cards can make a big difference to their overall look. It’s important to take the purpose of it and how readable it is into account. Use ones that convey the right personality for the purpose of the gift card. Limit the choice of fonts to a maximum of two per card to create a professional look. This will make your card stand out – making you and the other person really happy about it.

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