6 Best Gifts for a Dog Lover

This article is for everyone, we don’t know a lot of people who own dogs and don’t absolutely love them. Having a dog is like having a best friend and if you have someone special in your life who loves dogs as much as the next guy then we have just the list for you.

The festive season is just around the corner and you have to narrow down what to get for what, your favourite dog parent is a bit of a fuzzy friend so you never really know what to buy for them, don’t worry we are here to rescue you.

This is a list of gifts that you can get a pet parent this festive season, the list is curated after we have surveyed the internet dog lover community so all of the gifts on this list are 100% verified by a dog lover themselves. Are you ready? Strap on.

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Dog Mom/Dad Shirt

Get them a custom-made T-shirt that announces your friend’s role to the world, get them a custom-made shirt that says Dog Mom/Dad on it. Make sure it is in their favourite color and it is preferably wool since it’s going to be cold for a while.

Treat Jar

Get them a custom made treat jar for their puppy, the treat jar can go with the aesthetic of their house and can have their puppy’s name on it. Make sure you go for a shape from which it is easy to retrieve the treats, no good boy should be waiting for a treat. You can also find out what your friend’s dog’s favorite treat is and get a few packs of it with it too. This is one of the best gifts you can give your friend who loves conditioning the dog with treats.

Personalized Dog Leash Holder

Time to up your game and get your friend something that they have been waiting for, get them a leash holder that has their Pet’s name on it. Every pet parent knows how difficult it is to keep track of your pet’s leashes when you have a pet who needs different leashes for different days and activities. If you have a friend who loves traveling with their dog then this is an ideal gift for them. Make sure you get them a holder that can be mounted on the wall properly and is of their favorite color and wood.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Are you ready to completely blow your friend’s mind? Buy them a portable dog paw cleaner and watch them give you the biggest simile you have ever seen. This device will make muddy and dirty floors a thing of the cleans the dog’s paws with silicone bristles softly, you just need to add water, and voila. It is a light and portable device and you can easily travel with it. This is a personal recommendation, it is an amazing gift that your friend is going to love and use always.

Dog Bandanas (Set Of Six)

Get your friend a nice set of six bandanas for their dog. It is a precious baby who loves matching its style with its owners. This makes for an amazing gift, all dog lovers would appreciate this gift.Flavored Ice Cream- There are a lot of ice cream flavors for dogs that are available, you can go for bacon-flavored ice cream, it comes with a pre-mix that you have to just freeze for a while. This gift has a great shelf life and is actually one of the most popular gifts in the dog-loving community these days.

Dog Portrait

Pretty sure your friend has a favourite photo of their puppy saved as their desktop screensaver, it might also be on Facebook. You can and you should get them the same photo on a monochrome. This is an ideal gift for a dog lover who has a puppy that is as photogenic as he’s cute.


Hope you have all your answers now, if you really love this friend you are buying these gifts for and you want to go an extra mile then you can get them all the gifts on this list. These gifts are ideal for Christmas or thanksgiving

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