3 Creative Ways to Gift a Diaper Bag

When it comes to baby basics, your friend/family member probably has it covered. Everyone knows you need tons of burp cloths and endless tubes of Desitin. By all means, slip in one or two of these standard must-haves, but let’s also talk about those lifesavers that your friend might not know are absolutely essential until she has them, and how you can use this gift to show your support to the new parent.

Ways to Gift a Diaper Bag

1. The Bag

First, there’s the diaper bag itself. You want one that’s lightweight, strong, and with lots of pockets. Ergobaby diaper bags ticks all these boxes, and the backpack style leaves arms free for baby.

Creative Ways to Gift a Diaper Bag

One thing you’ll want to put in the bag’s pockets is a pair of stroller straps. These straps are strong enough to hold just about everything, giving Mom a much-needed break from her new side gig as baby’s pack mule.

2. Support and Sanity

Here’s where you can also get a little creative. Fill the pockets with what Mom needs. Fold in a few notes telling her she’s got this, she’s a great parent, and why, yes, hers is the cutest baby that was ever born in the history of the world.

Creative Ways to Gift a Diaper Bag

Slip in a coupon for one free nap and then answer the phone when she calls to redeem it. You and baby can have some bonding time while Mom rests.

Fill one pocket with Mom’s favorite non-melting snack, in a sealed pouch, of course. Also, you can purchase a title on Audible. Send her a book you know she’ll love to listen to while caring for a newborn.

These shows of support will mean almost more than the gifts themselves. This is one of the Creative Ways to Gift a Diaper Bag.

3. On the Road

One huge help for new parents is the Binxy Baby hammock. No matter how nervous a new parent is about taking their newborn out shopping by themselves, they’re probably underestimating the experience. This hammock rolls up small for storing inside the diaper bag, and it unrolls to clip easily onto the shopping cart, leaving room underneath for actual groceries. Also, everyone will want to know where they got this ingenious hammock, resulting in much-needed adult conversation.

To keep baby happy through the experience, add a teething pacifier or two to the bag, but also make sure to add a pacifier clip. That way, the pacifier won’t end up on a germ-infested floor.

One last item I’d recommend for Mom’s peace of mind on outings is a seat belt buckle cover. This item prevents anyone from accidentally unbuckling the car seat. When the baby is older, this cover also toddler-proofs the seat belt from curious fingers. Keeping children out of danger and where they actually belong is always a challenge.

Whatever else you decide to put in the bag, make sure to keep Mom’s personality in mind, but also think of possible emergencies. A few Ziploc bags and an extra outfit are something all new parents need at least once. Usually, much more often than once.

Helping your friends prepare for this amazing time in their lives will allow them to stress less and enjoy the experience more.

Best of luck!

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