5 Boyfriend Gift Ideas For Every Type of Guy

Whether your relationship is still new or you’ve had a few years under your belt, making your significant other feel special on his birthday, a first anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas is a priority when choosing a gift for your boyfriend. In order to get the perfect gift, you have to be extra attentive to the hints he drops unconsciously.

If you notice he mentions something more than a few times, if you see him looking forward to certain things, or if he’s mentioned an item or experience in passing, keep that in mind as you start shopping for him. If you don’t know what to look for or where to start, here are a few ideas for almost every type of guy.

Boyfriend Gift Ideas

1. The Outdoors Lover

Do your dates include hiking, running, camping, or outdoor cycling? If your man loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer, buy him some gear that will keep him comfortable. Some hiking boots, a bag pack, a jacket, and a hat from Jack Wolfskin can be a great gift to set him up for his next hiking adventure.

outdoor backpack

If you want to make the gesture even bigger, you could pack the bag with some extra essentials and goodies that you’ll know he loves. Small items like his favorite snacks, a new water bottle, or other favorites will show him that you went the extra mile and have paid attention to details.

2. The Gamer

This one can be a little difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Gamers can be pretty specific about their setup and preferences. The next time he’s on a call with a friend talking about gaming topics, see if there’s something he mentions that he wants to upgrade, add, or buy.

best gaming chair gifts

This will give you a head start. If you can’t seem to get any hints, some essentials that every gamer needs are Lizard Skins gaming grips, a headset, a gaming mouse, the latest and most popular games, and if you’re trying to spend a little extra — a gaming chair.

3. The Fashionista

If you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time, chances are you know his clothing sizes from his shirt size down to his socks. However, if the relationship is still a little fresh, you may not have access to that information. Which makes accessories the perfect gift.

A pair of shades from a popular brand, a wallet, or an adjustable baseball cap are all must-have accessories for men. If you want to add a little extra, add a gift card to one of his favorite stores and place it inside the brand new wallet you bought him. The best part about each of these items is that no matter how long the relationship, men can never have too many of each, making it a great gift no matter where you are in the relationship.

4. For the Traveler

Does it seem like your significant other just can’t sit in the same place for too long? Chances are, you’re reaping the benefits of having a boyfriend who’s always on-the-go racking up travel points you can put toward exploring the world together.

Whether you have a trip coming up for the two of you, or he’s flying solo, giving the gift of an experience at the destination is a wonderful surprise. If you know what he’s into you can call a travel agent or a concierge and have it taken care of. If that seems like too much of a hassle, packing a brand new bag with a few essentials for him is another great option.

Items such as a travel adapter, a portable phone charger, toothpaste bites, a personalized passport holder, and a portable bluetooth speaker are all great items to take on his next trip.

5. For the Sports Guy

Whatever sport he’s interested in, there’s so many options available to surprise him. Buying him tickets to a game, his favorite player’s jersey, an autographed piece of memorabilia, or buying him a subscription to a league pass channel are all gifts you can never go wrong with.

The best thing about sports fans is that they are crazy about their teams and any small gesture that involves their favorite player is going to leave a lasting impression.

If done right, you’ll set the bar pretty high when it comes to gift giving, so let him know how gift giving is really done so you can be spoiled when it comes time for your turn.

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