10 Off-beat Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend for this Friendship’s Day 2020

Friendship day is right around the corner and with the COVID crisis around the world, most of us can’t meet our friends. Well, that’s not gonna stop us from celebrating friendship and these Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend guide there to help you.

After all, your best friend always stays by your side when you need them the most. You can live your life without a romantic love, but not without a few good friends by your side.  

So, while you’re still searching for the ideal gift to give your best friend, here we have 10 off-beat gift ideas for you to send your best friend this friendship’s day to make them feel special and loved. These are unique and pocket friendly!

Let’s have a look.

10 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

1. A Jade Roller

Buying a gift for your girl gang is easy when you know exactly what would suit them the best. If your friend is a skincare fanatic, a jade roller would be an ideal gift for her. This roller is supposed to be used after cooling it in the refrigerator.

This helps to make your skin smooth by encouraging blood flow on your face and making it glow. After all those all nighters and late night conversations, a jade roller would be an amazing gift idea to soothe those under-eye bags the day after. It’s an amazing skin care product and also looks pretty classy. This one is our top of our list of Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend.

2. Plant a Tree

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Scream happy friendship’s day to your best friend with this totally off-beat gift idea. Ever thought how special it would be to get a tree planted for your best friend? As a tree grows and gets stronger with time, so will your bond! And trust me, this is also a very inexpensive idea. You can plant a tree for every friend, just for the cost of $3 per sapling. Seriously, what better time to do this than this year! You can visit for more details regarding the same!

3. Personalized Hair Care Kit

While you can always make lovely DIY gifts for your friends, we suggest you to for something personalized this time to celebrate your bond. Those days were amazing when we used to sit with our best friend, doing each other’s manicure and gossiping or getting ready together before clubbing. Right? But since you are away from your best friend this time, you can send them a personalized beauty kit. It will be a creative gift ideas for best friend.

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

After all, who doesn’t like pampering themselves, right? Gift your best friend a shampoo kit which is customized for her hair and with her name imprinted on the shampoo bottle! You can check out Freewill’s customized haircare range which curates shampoos and conditioners for your hair type. From the packaging to the quality of the product, it’s totally a perfect sentimental gifts for best friends.

4. Audible Subscription

We know that nothing can top the advice a best friend gives, but sometimes we do need to hear out from people around the world, who have so much to teach us.

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

This is a perfect gift idea for a friend who is too lazy to read books. This app allows listening to as many books and podcasts as you wish to books and at your own pace. With books of every genre such as self-help, romance, comedy, mystery and more, a gift like this is a perfect package of entertainment during lockdown.

You can gift them a subscription to an app like Audible, where they can listen to audio books while they are on the go. The subscription price starts at $4 per month.

5. A Gratitude Journal

This is a perfect pocket-friendly gift idea. The act of gratitude is something that we need to imbibe in ourselves even more. It makes us feel happy, fulfilled and helps us shape our personality in so many ways.

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Get one for yourself and one for your bestie and start your journey towards self improvement and betterment. Gift a cute gratitude journal to your best friend and add a little note saying how you are grateful for her! This is will be a best sentimental gifts for best friends always.

6. Instax Polaroid Camera

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Girls can never have enough photos, right? However, it’s a different feeling to hold and to look at photographs like the old times. This Polaroid Camera can be a perfect gift for your friend for you both to capture moments and savour them together, for life! You can go for the Instax Mini Polaroid Camera which is available in many colors and is easily available online.

7. A Makeup Organizer

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

The most ideal friendship day gift for any girl is a makeup organizer. Every girl loves a fancy vanity. This is an ideal gift idea for girls of every age. It’s multipurpose and a perfect decor piece to add to your dressing area. Get a vanity kit which your best friend can also use while travelling!

8. Soothing Scented Candles

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

With the COVID-19 situation going around the world, it’s safe to say that all of us tend to get anxious more than usual. A lavender-scented candle would be perfect as a gift idea, to lift her mood and calm her nerves down. Especially if your friend is an introvert, trust me, she’s going to love this!

9. A Personalized Piggy Bank

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Not just for your friend but this is an ideal gift option for anyone in your family. You can add this fun quote on your personalized piggy bank – “Every time you smile, put a penny in this and give me the money to get me a red Ferrari”. This is a very adorable personalized gesture to make your best friend smile and make her feel that she’s precious to you.

10. An Assorted Basket

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

This gift idea would speak volumes about how much you know and love your best friend. Get a customized basket made of things your best friend likes. It could be a basket of chocolates, fruits, candies, body care etc. You can also go for The Body Shop’s or Forest Essentials’ body care baskets. This would surely lift her mood up even when you both are miles away from each other. It will be the best top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend to give this friendship day 2020.

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