Perfect Gifts for couples this Christmas

Are you stressed about Christmas? Do you thrive on being a personal Santa for people you love? Do you have a favorite happy couple for whom you just can’t bring yourself to decide what to get? Don’t worry we got you, couples happy or otherwise are quite difficult to buy for. Most couples I know like fancy things but don’t worry all the options we have are wallet-friendly and have a personal touch to them. Our curated list is made specifically for Christmas but you can gift them this at any time of the year. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

1. Mixtiles

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A usual good tell of a happy couple is that they love to spam your feed with their love photos, they are always traveling and capturing the moments so that they can share them with us. A perfect gift for a couple like that is Mixtiles. What are Mixtiles you ask? They are 8×8 photo tiles that your favorite couple can stick on their walls and if they are to change up their place or want to redecorate it then they can re-stick it someplace else. It is a great gift option for that pretty couple.

 2. Custom Mugs

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Having custom mugs is one of those things that couples get to do without being called weird, this too is an affordable gift for your friends. You can ask them about their favorite photo together and then give them a set of mugs with that. Pro-tip- you can get them their last year’s Christmas cards on the mugs.

3. Matching bracelets

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One can never go wrong with gifting a couple some jewelry, this is a sure shot success as a gift. Swarovski bracelets are not as expensive and they look quite classy. You are sure to be this couple’s favorite friend, it is a gift you win hearts with. Get them a matching one since Swarovski makes gender-neutral bracelets.

4. Gift Cards

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As their friend, you would know where your favorite couple likes to shop, the Body shop is one brand that never disappoints and most couples use this brand. You can get them a gift card from there or from a place you know they shop from a lot. This is also a gift that is very easy on the wallet and is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

5. Sports accessories

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If the couple you know and love, loves to kill their boredom by sweating it out with a sport they play together then you should get them relevant sports accessories, maybe throw in a matching water bottle with it. This is another gift on the list that wouldn’t disappoint a couple who spend their evenings or mornings playing a sport with each other. Fun fact- couples who play sports together have 19% less chance of getting a divorce. 

6. Noise-canceling earphones

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A little on the nose but even the happiest couple need a little breather sometimes, this is a gift that you have to give to your friends a little gently, sit them down then make them a drink and then hand them this gift politely and leave. We are kidding, we’re sure they won’t be hostile. The silver lining is that whenever they fight they will make great use of this gift. Buy them different colors and the same model. In our opinion, this is the best way to tell your favorite couple that you adore their relationship. We hope they never use this gift but if push comes to shove it is nice that you had the foresight for this.

7. Watches

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This is a classic set of gifts that can never go wrong, it’s elegant, it is classy and there would be offers during Christmas so it’s also not that expensive. Get them a good his/her set of watches that they can wear together.


All these gifts are very easy on the wallet and make for a great gift for a couple on Christmas, you get to be the friend who has won Christmas by showing your friends how much you love and adore them. If this couple is a special one to you then we would recommend that you buy them everything on the list.

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