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Travel Destination Inspired Perfumes To Gift Your Valentine in 2022

Perfumes To Gift Your Valentine

The pandemic has made it difficult to keep the travel bug alive for a while now. So what if you can’t travel to your favourite destination this Valentine’s Day, you can always give a perfume to your beloved that is inspired by a travel destination. This is indeed a fun idea for all the travel enthusiasts who have been longing to travel but can’t, thanks to the pandemic. 

Perfumes always bring memories or take you to different places in time. You do not need to physically go anywhere but the scent will take you places. We have curated a list of travel destination-inspired perfumes to gift your valentine in 2022. These thoughtful perfume ideas will not only make your partner happy but also remind you of beautiful memories created or to be created at various destinations. 

Here are the perfumes that are inspired by various picturesque travel destinations to keep the spark of love and traveling alive. 

Le Sirenuse Positano Eau d’Italie

Do you want to magically teleport to the Amalfi Coast with your lover? This is the perfect thoughtful gift for your love. Le Sirenuse, one of the most luxurious and legendary hotels in the world, has created this Eau de parfum. 

It has notes of bergamot, sweet clover, magnolia, black currant, salty sea breeze along with mild hints of musk and incense. The magical scent will take you to the beautiful landscape of Positano, a small Mediterranean village in Italy. Enjoy romance on the Amalfi Coast without actually traveling there. It retails at $170. 

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Eau de Parfum 

If your partner enjoys art and is an avid traveler this one might be for you. Floral Street Sunflower Pop is a beautiful result of the collaboration between Floral Street, London, and Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. 

This perfume is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Sunflowers’ and mimics a fun, Southern France citrusy and bright scent. The perfume is a vibrant amalgamation of sweet mandarin, bergamot, bellini accord, honey accord, and blue orris. 

Another reason why this is a good buy is that with every purchase you support the famous Van Gogh Museum. This perfume retails at $32 on Floral

Don’t Cry For Me by ALTAIA 

This is another travel destination-inspired perfume that is uber cool and fun. It is created by ALTAIA which stands for ‘ A Long Time Ago In Argentina’ this in itself is a reminder of a lovely destination. If you are dreaming of dancing away your night in Buenos Aires with the love of your life this one is the perfect match for you. 

It is perfect for a beautiful summer evening with notes of cashmere wood, petals of white jasmine, amber, cherry blossom, and heliotrope. This perfume will remind you to let loose and have fun on Valentine’s Day with your Valentine. This perfume is available for $210, even though it is heavy on the pockets, it is worth it. 

Final Words 

These were some of the travel destination-inspired perfumes to gift your Valentine in 2022. Enchanting fragrances and happy memories make for the best gifts. Try out these lovely fragrances to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your partner.  

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