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Eight Gift-Giving Ornament Ideas

Looking for a unique gift idea? Ornaments are available in designs too numerous to count, making them the perfect way to commemorate any number of occasions! Even better, brass ornaments are highly customizable, and if you purchase from companies like Beacon Design, you’ll get a USA-made, solid brass keepsake that you can pass on for years to come. 

Gift-Giving Ornament

Give them for holidays, as souvenirs to remember an event, or as prizes. For nonprofits, in particular, these make perfect giveaways for donor events and other commemorative gifts. 

Continue reading below as we share some of our favorite ornament gift-giving ideas:

1. Commemorate History

This is a big one for historical societies and preservation societies. Whether you’re breaking ground on a new project like a museum or whether you’ve successfully secured funding to protect a historical building, a custom-designed ornament is perfect as a token for the donors who invested in your mission. 

Design an ornament to feature the building you’re preserving, or create one with your organization’s name, plus text describing the event. Either way, a custom ornament ensures donors proudly remember their contributions for years to come.

2. Ornaments With Custom Artwork

Unveiling a new park or landmark or celebrating an important anniversary event? Now is the time to create custom ornaments — particularly when centennials roll around! 

This idea is all about creating custom artwork that serves as the centerpiece of the ornament. For example, if you’re unveiling a new park, create some art that features the park’s beautiful landscape. Custom ornament designers can use that art to make brass ornaments featuring durable enamel to showcase the artwork. Around the ornament’s borders, or on the reverse side, be sure to feature your organization’s name, plus the date of the event that you’re celebrating.

3. Photographic Ornaments

There are lots of times when a photographic ornament might be just what the occasion calls for. For example, if your organization has a photo-worthy moment, like a ribbon-cutting, a commemorative ball, or some other event, you can easily convert your favorite shots into an ornament. Some ornament designs will give you a beautiful brass border plus a place for the date and text so that the recipients of your gift can always remember the event that you’re commemorating.

4. Mark Important Military Dates

Military branches and veteran’s organizations both commemorate important dates and anniversaries with keepsake ornaments. Whether it’s to honor soldiers lost, mark anniversaries of homecomings, or something else, these ornaments can be created year after year — and given as gifts to fundraisers or members of your organization for their tireless support. 

There are many design ideas here, from patriotic ornaments that feature your text to ornaments with custom artwork specific to your needs.

5. Ornaments for Civic Organizations

Whether they’re for firefighters and police to local service clubs, ornaments are a great way to thank your members, patrons, and supporters each year. Volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel will appreciate ornaments, as will members of veteran’s posts, friends of parks, and more. The key is to choose a beautiful ornament design with something symbolic to your organization. 

For instance, if you’re a volunteer fire department, choose an ornament design featuring a fire engine, helmet, or another symbol. Make sure the text includes your company’s name and a date to commemorate the year. You also have the ability to place custom text on the reverse side, too, so think about including a custom message thanking the recipient specifically.

With brass ornaments, you can do almost anything that you can imagine — and that’s what makes them the perfect gift. They offer you a chance to create something truly custom and symbolic, making them ideal as a thank-you to members, supporters, and anyone else involved with your organization. Shop around the different designs, and you’ll see what we mean: the possibilities are endless!

6. Zoo-Themed Ornaments to Recognize Supporters

Zoos often run on the generous donations of the Friends of the Zoo, and one way you can repay them is with a thoughtful ornament to recognize their contributions. Of course, when you think of ornaments, Christmas ornaments are the first thing to come to mind. However, at Beacon Design, you’ll find various animal-themed ornaments that work perfectly for these kinds of events. 

Customize ornaments with your zoo’s name, and include a thank you note. These are ornaments that people will display at Christmas, and anytime they want to spread awareness about contributing to your efforts.

7. Thanking Museum Donors

In most places, museums wouldn’t be possible without generous donors who provide the funds to keep each museum operating. Because museums exist in various shapes and sizes, devoted to many different subjects, this is your chance to get creative. 

If you’re using a museum dedicated to music, for instance, then music-themed ornaments will make the ideal gift for your donors. Likewise, sports-themed museums will want ornaments relevant to the sports they’re representing. 

For art museums and natural history museums, there are a variety of things you can do. Create a custom ornament designed to look like the museum itself, or make one that features a particularly important part of your museum’s collection. For instance, a miniature of a famous piece of art housed in your collection or of your museum’s most famous artifact. Whatever you choose, this is a great way to create a unique, interesting ornament that recipients will cherish.

8. Alumni Ornaments

From high schools to colleges, there are lots of different alumni organizations out there. These can represent the school or a group within the school, like fraternities, sororities, academic clubs, etc. Want to reward your alumni year after year with a gift that expresses your gratitude for their support? This is another instance in which ornaments are a perfect idea.

Create a custom ornament that features your school plus the class years in question. For academic clubs, fraternities, music programs, and other alumni groups, choose a decoration or create a custom artwork as a poignant symbol representing who you are, what you do, and why alumni are proud to be a part of the club.

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