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6 Easy Gift Ideas For When Visiting a New Friend

Pandemic has been hard on friendships; the zoom happy hours and professional meetings have made it awkward to make new friends. Yes, making new friends is already nerve-wracking, but when it comes to visiting them, it’s an even harder egg to crack. Creating the right first impression sets the stage for a future relationship – and it’s natural for any first-time guests to panic. 

Without a doubt, the post-pandemic life is going to bring dinner parties and hangouts with coworkers, new romantic relationships, and friends back. Questions like what to wear, the best time to reach someone’s house, and how to break the ice are going to pop up. But the most important question is: what to bring as a gift when visiting for the first time?

After all, little gestures matter the most. And you would think that buying gifts for new friends is a piece of cake, right? Well, not always. There’s no such thing as finding the perfect gift, and we understand that. 

Things can become quite tricky but we are up for the challenge. If you’re wracking your brain, take a deep breath and read on below to learn about some these fool-proof, easy, and thoughtful gifts that work for any occasion—be it a coworker’s holiday party, a casual get-together with your acquaintance, or stay with your new friend for the weekend. 

Let’s dive in!

  1. Bring On The Bubbly Champagne

Only a few gifts work as well as a nice drink and champagne gifts top the list. Arriving at your colleague’s house with a great bottle of champagne or wine is simply like rolling up to a nightclub in a slick convertible sports car. This is one of those gifts that makes a good impression no matter the occasion.

Before splurging on a bottle, ensure that at least the hostess or the host likes wine, as nowadays, almost half of the world’s adult population are non-drinkers. At the end of the day, you don’t want to face embarrassment and show up with a bottle of champagne to a home where alcohol is banned, or someone is recovering from addiction. 

Beyond this, thinking of the perfect bottle for the occasion to wow the host is a nail-biter for many. You want to step up your relationship and not destroy this newly established kinship, so opt for a bottle from a local winemaker or go for a limited edition vintage collection.

  1. Lovely Flower Bouquet

When you get an invitation to an anniversary dinner party of your new office buddy, one of your first impulses is to think about what to bring along to the celebration. When visiting, you need a gift that serves as a friendly gesture and a polite thank you. 

No one ever says no to flowers, and what’s more, they add to the extra elegance with fragrance. Flowers, like champagne, are the perfect opportunity to express your personality as a first-time guest –. A fresh flower bouquet is like a good piece of art that can light up any room. 

However, as the first-timer, always make an effort to take your home-visiting etiquette up a notch. So, when in doubt, go for simple, beautiful succulents or orchids. Pay attention to how you present the flowers and bring a simple vase with the flower arrangement if you want to take it up a notch. 

  1. Dessert Is Always Sweet-Smelling

Dessert is the ultimate party warming dish, however, it can also be a very touchy subject at the same time. 

Don’t opt for food until you clearly communicate with the host beforehand. Most hosts already have a planned menu and bringing food in this situation can complicate matters rather than building any friendly bond. 

  1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are a safe yet great gift for friends, workmates, neighbors, or buddies. One can never have too many candles, right? The candles are fully customizable and come in pretty frosted jars, making them an excellent accessory for the house.

The fail-proof visiting gift is none other than scented candles as they not only delightfully smell good but also represent your personality. According to Mintel, the candles are used as a housewarming gift by 74% of Americans, followed by 66% for a dinner party gift.

And when it comes to scent, it’s a whole world of its own, with countless options available. Simply put, candles are a symbol of comfort and warmth and a perfect gift. 

  1. A Box of Gourmet Chocolates

From the traditional box of chocolates to luscious truffles, there are countless options in chocolates. Yes, chocolates have been associated with romantic gestures such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, but trust us, it’s a mouth-watering housewarming present.

Chocolates are loved by everyone with their silky-smooth texture, delicious taste, and indulgent scent, making them a perfect gift for about anyone. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind if your new friend has nut or almond allergies, as most chocolates contain those ingredients. 

  1. Gift Card

You are invited to your office mate’s birthday party and perplexed about what to gift them? Here, you can’t go wrong with gift certificates. They are the safest gift item on our list as anyone and everyone can use them. 

Remember to pair it with something more valuable to make your first visit praiseworthy. For instance, an Amazon gift card paired with a book would be a lovely gift for your office mate. 

Even gift cards need to be personalized; after all, it’s about establishing a first impression. Hence, tailor your gift cards according to the likings of your new buddy. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing an affordable and thoughtful gift might isn’t always easy, but it isn’t impossible either. 

Don’t overcomplicate things; keep it simple. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, so if you’re struggling to find the perfect item, choose one from the above list next time you are invited to a dinner at a new friend’s house or your officemate’s party and don’t forget to have fun.

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