Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Over A Mined Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Many couples these days are choosing lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds for their engagement rings. And many still wonder what exactly are lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have gained popularity over the past few years because of various reasons that we are going to look into with this article. Engagement rings hold sentimental value for the person giving it as well as the person receiving it. 

Engagement rings signify love and commitment between two people who love each other. Why should you choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring over a mined one? Doesn’t a mined diamond hold more value than a lab-grown diamond? Not true. Lab-grown diamonds are also pure diamonds but minus the humanitarian and ethical concerns that mined diamonds bring along. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made with a tiny diamond seed and a special method of chemical vapor deposition. Everybody wants the perfect engagement ring but won’t it be great if the diamonds you choose are also ethically sourced?

Here are some reasons why you should choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring over a mined diamond ring. 

An Ethical Option 

There is a reason why diamonds are called ‘blood diamonds’. It is known by all that diamonds that have been mined are used to fund wars in Africa. a lot of diamonds come from here. Mined diamonds are also not sustainable, as it takes a great number of resources to extract diamonds that create a huge impact on the environment. Mined diamonds also have other ethical issues like child labor, poor wage system, bad working conditions, and violations of human rights. 

With lab-grown diamonds, no ethical concerns are involved as they are grown in a controlled environment. 

Lower Price Point 

As lab-grown diamonds do not involve a high cost to procure them, they tend to be 40% cheaper than mined diamonds. You can buy the diamond ring of your dreams in the  budget of the same quality mined diamond ring. Lab-grown diamonds are exactly like naturally found diamonds, so why pay more for them? When it is not even ethical. You can customize your engagement ring, upgrade the cut and clarity, get a bigger and better quality diamond without spending a lot if you choose lab-grown diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds 

Many people are concerned if lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. Yes, they are. They have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as a mined diamond that is nature-made. A real mined diamond is a gemstone made of carbon that is purely crystallized in the isometric cubic system, this is the same for diamonds grown in a lab. Diamonds in a lab are made by mimicking the natural way of diamond formation but in a lab. 

Looks The Same As Mined Diamonds

The best part about diamonds grown in labs is the fact that they look exactly like mined diamonds. No one will ever know you are wearing lab-grown diamonds. Diamonds from the lab have an inscription that can be seen only under the microscope or highly specialized machines without which the difference between these two types of diamonds cannot be known. 

Final Word 

These are the major reasons why you choose lab-grown diamond engagement rings and make an ethical choice. You can take some stress off our overburdened environment by choosing a diamond grown in the lab. After all, the choice is yours to make.

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