10 Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener (2021)

It’s no surprise that audiobooks are becoming more popular. More and more people are discovering that they love immersing themselves in the storylines of their beloved books. So, we need to have a list of Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener, right? We got you..

Audiobooks are convenient since one can enjoy listening to them while doing something else as well, such as walking, cooking, or working out. Above everything, audiobooks have something that the written word cannot: an addictive atmosphere generated by the narrator’s accent.

If you were to give an audiobook fan in your life a present, you might have considered a single audiobook, a gift card, or a speaker in the past.

It is time to change your mindset. As audiobooks are becoming more popular than ever, more devices are being developed to address the unique needs of audiophiles and audiobook addicts. Of course, there’s always the option of purchasing a new audiobook. But are you certain it’s the only and best audiobook gift idea?

A list of one-of-a-kind and lovely presents that will entice the listener to fall in love with listening to Audiobooks:

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

1.Bluetooth speaker with steampunk candle lamp

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Alarm clocks, reading lights, and battery banks are only a few examples of home accessories that include an integrated Bluetooth speaker. None of them are as beautiful as a new desk lamp with a steampunk design, flickering light, and a transparent speaker.

The flame mode of the lamp emits a bright, warm light. It mimics the flickering of a candle. The brightness of the light can be adjusted by turning a lever in the lamp’s center. The Bluetooth 4.2 technology is supported by the wireless mic. It has a strikingly crisp and sharp voice, according to many reviewers.

For audiobook fans, battery life is of utmost importance. This battery-operated steampunk lamp and the speaker will play audiobooks for up to 8 hours at maximum volume.

2. Wooden Stand with sound Amplifier

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

There are hundreds of phone or tablet-stands available online, but an audiobook enthusiast in your life would adore this one. This wooden stand is handcrafted from original wood and polished with delicate matte color.

Most interestingly, it has a brilliant concept for amplifying sound from your smartphone (if the speaker of mobile is located at the bottom edge of the phone). A carved chamber below the wooden stand increases the volume of sound by up to 10 decibels. This one will be a best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener.

It eliminates the need for a sound booster. It is just similar to other electrical gadgets and must be recharged regularly. The stand has a cradle that fits computers, laptops, and e-readers with a thickness of no more than 10 mm. It comes packaged in a beautiful box and is happy to send.

3. I Love Audiobook T-shirt

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Any person who enjoys audiobooks  will love making a statement. You would be surprised by how many new audiobook-themed t-shirts and other trendy merchandise are available. Along with T-shirts, you can gift them Hoodies (are a bit stylish in today’s trend), Mobile Covers, Backpacks, and many more.

The t-shirt comes in three styles: boyfriend, dolman, and racerback, and is available in a variety of sizes. You can choose from the wide variety of shades. You can even give them a shade of multicolor.If the person is selective and has a specific choice, you are having the option of a customized t-shirt of your print, color, design, or text. So, it becomes easy for you to have the best gift of their choice. We bet he or she is absolutely going to love it.

4. Book Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

If you know the giftee enjoys listening to audiobooks in the living room or at home, here’s a brilliant idea. This speaker, dubbed “Cloud Book,” is made to look like an original book and has hardcover dimensions. It comes in three colors and can be used in any environment.

For Internet radio, a personal audiobook archive, or preferred streaming music services, the speaker may link directly to a Wi-Fi network. It will play audiobooks for up to 12 hours thanks to a rechargeable battery.

5. Audio bubble” Throw Pillow

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Finding a Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener is not easy sometimes. So, the Audiobook lovers will admire sweet home decor pieces that portray their love for audiobooks. This throw pillow with clever artwork mixing a sweet logo with the text “audio bubble” is one of the best examples. Having such accessories as their home decors makes them even more charged to enjoy the audiobooks.

You can choose from  different sizes and whether you want a cover with an insert or just a canvas. This lovely style is available on over 35 pieces, including a few home decor items and personal accessories. Also, this is the best gift idea as the person will always remember you while he or she is enjoying the audiobook and will be grateful for this cute book.

6. Slim Earphones having the longest Battery Life

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Many people listen to audiobooks via a stereo, but earphones are often more comfortable. While earphones with a headphone jack are still available, a growing number of products, including all Kindle e-readers, focus entirely on Bluetooth technology. It is because a reader can listen to their favorite Audiobook while their phone is in charge, or they are away from the phone.

Senso has one of the most common Bluetooth earphones. They’re tiny, waterproof, and best of all, they let you listen to audiobooks for up to 8 hours – long enough to finish an entire book! Furthermore, fast charging takes just 1.5 hours, and the battery has a standby time of 240 hours.

7. Face Protection with Wireless Headphones & Mic

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

In this time of the pandemic, there cannot be a better gift than an innovative “Earphones attached in Mask.” Let them enjoy their audiobooks and take phone calls without having to continually remove their face mask. With its incorporated Bluetooth headphone feature, this medical-grade face cover blends shape and function. 

This face mask has medical-grade replaceable filters that can help them keep out odors and other minor airborne irritants. The cover is made of a smooth, breathable fabric that can be washed if necessary. The ear hooks on the face cover are elastic and can be changed for a better fit.

8. Ice Drip Coffee Maker

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Persons who listen to audiobooks all day love having a cup of coffee to accompany their listening experience.  But laziness always comes in the way when they need to get up and make coffee for themselves.

To get rid of this trouble, Ice Drip Coffee Maker is the best gift you can give them to get rid of the anxiety of getting up and making the coffee. It’s ideal for trying out a more variety of flavors. Slow drip is perfect for those who like fiddling with the finer points of coffee brewing. They can then fine-tune the brewing process right down to the exude, ensuring that they get the desired taste.

9. Magnetic Charger

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

While listening to the audiobooks, it happens that the battery of the phone is decreasing speedily. So, to avoid it, Magnetic Charger is a good gift option. One cable suits almost all of the gadgets. Thanks to the universal three-in-one feature. Nylon braided cable that has been bent over 10,000 times. Design features a soft blue led light that makes it easy to locate gadgets in the dark. One of the best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener.

10. Fleece Book Cover Collage Blanket

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

It is necessary to have a cozy atmosphere while enjoying the Audiobooks. Cozy up to home linens that the whole family would enjoy. This gift will give them the extra bit of relaxation when listening to audiobooks. It has affordable pricing and comfort which is incomparable. It is the best gift you can give to an audiobook lover as they could use it while they are listening or sleeping.

11. Audible Premium Membership

Best Gift Ideas for Avid Audiobook Listener

Giving a specific audiobook subscription is a good idea, but giving the freedom to choose is a better idea. Giving an audiobook premium membership makes more sense as a gift since you exactly might not know their choices. The person will be able to listen to whatever they want with the subscription package.

Audible Premium Plus membership is the most common audiobook membership plan and gives unrestricted access to thousands of Audible Original titles and Podcasts. They also offer bonus credits that the person can use to purchase more audiobooks. You have the luxury of gifting subscription plans for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. If you are wondering how, read this detailed guide on how to gift an audiobook.


There’s no need to sit at your laptop, pulling your hair out and trying to think about the best gift options for a book lover any longer!! From this above-listed item, you can have many items used as gifts for your loved ones. Gifting any one of these would make them have a soft corner for you in their heart. As you are gifting them the gifts they love and are useful to them. So, grab any of these and make your friends, family, or loved ones feel special by gifting them a priceless gift.

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