17 Unique Gifts For Travelers

Looking for Unique Gifts For Travelers? If that person you want to give away likes to travel, you have it very easy. There are a large number of products that can be truly useful on a trip and your gift will not be one of those that are forgotten in the drawer, rest assured!

For different tastes, and you can also travel for very different reasons, but these gift ideas for travelers will be a hit, whether for birthdays, anniversary, or for any special occasion.

Let’s see these 17 best and Unique Gifts For Travelers!

Unique Gifts For Travelers

There are gifts that travelers will like more, gifts that travelers will like more and gifts for both of them. Or why not, gifts for you, who also like to travel and do not miss a single detail.

What is clear is that they are all original ideas, which will be appreciated or appreciated on the next trip, whether for work or leisure. Let’s get into the list of Unique Gifts For Travelers.

1. Smart Backpack

For those who are in favor of traveling light luggage like us, a handbag can be the best gift. Imagine if this backpack is also smart … Yes, smart!

unique gifts for travelers

A smart backpack that has the measures allowed for carry-on luggage, which has an anti-theft security system, is waterproof, anti-scratch, with a USB port, comfortable and with multiple compartments to store the laptop, mobile phone, tablet, chargers …

2. Ecological Toiletry Bag

One of the parts that cause more laziness when packing is the toiletry bag. We always have doubts about how and where to put liquids, makeup, medications …

unique gifts for travelers

For that, an original cosmetic bag with a cool message can be a perfect gift for travelers.

3. Flexible Tripod

Both for the photos you take with your mobile phone and for those you take with your professional camera, having support where you can place the lens and being able to get yourself in the photo, is still practical.

unique travel gifts

Place the stand where you want, put your smartphone in the stand, activate the camera timer, and pose for your travel memory. It’s that simple

4. Travel Guides

The guides are essential to travel to any country.

unique gifts for travelers

Although every time, digital guides in ebook or pdf are gaining ground over traditional paper guides, the goal is always the same, to plan the trip and to know the place that is visited in order to get the most out of it.

What will be the next destination?

5. Portable Modem

Can you imagine being able to access the internet anywhere you visit?

unique gifts for travelers

Although it is always possible to buy a SIM card in the country you travel to, but only you can use that card. However, if you get a portable modem, you can always share the network with your travel companions and also with a tablet or a laptop.

6. World map Passport Cover

Looking for a cheap and practical gift for travelers?

world map passport cover

When you travel frequently, when you stop off or when you spend many hours at the airport … carrying all important documents by hand and without losing them is a hassle.

7. Journey Notebook

unique gifts for travelers

Although we can count on mobile devices to travel anywhere, there are always those who long for the pen and paper. On many occasions, telling the stories of a trip can be a great experience.

8. Scratch Map Visited Countries

We know that this gift for travelers is a classic, but the truth is that it is an illusion to be able to uncover the countries through which you have already traveled. Also, encourage travel to complete the map!

unique gifts for travelers

An alternative to this can be a complete world map. There are also other original formats such as a cork globe, where you stick the pins.

A scratch map is a perfect gift for travel collectors.

9. Suitcase Set

Without a doubt, the most common gift for travelers, but at the same time the most useful.

unique gifts for travelers

If you want to make a quality gift that lasts for many years, a set of the best suitcase brands should be your bet.

10. Sports Camera

Although  GoPro cameras are the best known, there are plenty of brands that are also making a name for themselves in the market with more affordable prices.

unique gifts for travelers

There are also underwater cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, 360º cameras, and all kinds of accessories for each of them.

This will be a great gift to give to travel lovers and perhaps the most practical gift you can make. Such a camera can capture images of exceptional quality, immortalizing the moment forever.

11. Travel Pillow

It is another of the classic gifts and there is a wide variety of types of pillows that can make long journeys and wait for much more enjoyable.

travel pillow

It may not be the best gift option for air travel, but it is a great gift to travel by car or to quickly recover from a long flight.

12. Wireless Devices

unique gifts for travelers

Electronic devices take over much of the suitcase, be it a traveler’s or a traveler’s suitcase. We refer not only to mobile phones or tablets but to the hairdryer, the razor, the hair straightener, epilators, electric toothbrushes, etc.

13. Waterproof Bags For Emergencies

unique gifts for travelers

How many times has your mobile or documentation got wet thinking it was in a safe place? With a waterproof bag, it will not happen to you again, being able to carry everything you need at your side, even in rainy times, when carrying this type of protection is essential.

14. USB Wall Charger

unique gifts for travelers

How many times have you arrived at the hotel, with the camera, laptop and mobile downloaded and you found that there was only one plug? More than one, right? With a USB charger, you will not have that problem again since with it you can charge several USB devices at the same time.

15. Universal Travel Plug

unique gifts for travelers

With a travel plug adapter, the problems to charge your camera or any electronic device wherever you are, are over.

16. Suitcase Scale

unique gifts for travelers

Since some airlines have put restrictions on hand luggage, every kilo counts, so there is nothing better than a scale to avoid taking last-minute surprises, which will cost us dearly.

17. Ear Plugs

unique gifts for travelers

It seems incredible how something so small and simple can become so essential for a traveler. Night flight, noisy hotel, crowded hostel room, car companion who snores more than necessary… Whatever the occasion, having a pair of earplugs on hand may be the solution.

You see, backpacks, technology, luggage, and accessories are perfect gift ideas for both male travelers and gifts for female travelers.

We hope we have helped you a little with the choice. Which of these gift ideas for travelers do you keep? Let us know your Unique Gifts For Travelers below in the comment section.

Author Bio:

Vikram Rana is Marketing Manager at LiftnGift and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He’s an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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