How to Save Money when Shopping Online?

In less than 20 years, the world has observed a major change in shopping trends. Previously, individuals mostly made in-store purchases for commodities and services in malls, airports, and so on. Today, a big chunk of the market just connect their devices to the internet and order the items or services they want to any location.

You can practically purchase everything you want online. All you’d need to do is connect to the internet with your device, visit a reputable e-commerce website, and make your order. One of the best aspects of making purchases online is the fact that you can make your order even when you’re busy with other activities.

Today, getting a good deal online for a product or service is considered a skill. Shopping online is more enjoyable when you get to save money after making your purchases. Below, you’ll find the best tips for saving money while you’re shopping online.

Tips To Save Money when Shopping Online

1. Use a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. One of the primary functions of a VPN is to change your IP location and mask your identity when you’re connected to the internet. However, you might be asking how this helps you when you’re shopping online for deals.


There’s something online shops do to make the best revenue. First, the e-commerce website classifies you by region or country. Based on this classification, you could be displayed higher or lower prices on your device. This is a strategy called ‘dynamic pricing’.

If you’re from a first-world nation or a region with solid per capita income, you’ll likely pay more for goods and services. Third-world nationals and individuals from low-income regions generally pay lower for products and services.

You can outsmart e-commerce shops by using a VPN to change your location to that of a low-income region if you live in a high-income area. This way, you get to save money on hotels, flight tickets, and other types of products and services. To maximize your level of anonymity, use private browsing or clear cookies, browsing history and cache in your browser.

2. Make your Purchase on Certain Days

To maximize revenue, e-commerce websites use an interrelated price and demand tactic. In essence, the higher the demand for a product, the higher the price. These price surges are usually temporary and fall as demand drops.

Tips To Save Money when Shopping Online

There are certain goods and services that are highly demanded on certain days or periods of the week. Because of lessened demand, online shops can offer discounts on certain days. For instance, flight tickets are bound to cost higher during weekdays because of the high rate of businesspersons and employees travelling. Hence, price increases in those days.

During festive periods like Christmas and New Year, hotel prices usually increase. A person that pays in advance for a flight ticket or hotel room would enjoy the same service as yourself while enjoying lower costs.

3. Abandon your Shopping Carts

Tips To Save Money when Shopping Online

You can save money on online shopping by abandoning your carts on different websites. Typically, the website would send you an email reminding you of your abandoned cart and could even offer a coupon to get the product or service at reduced prices. Having a bit of patience and waiting a couple of days could get the online shop offering you a juicy price.

4. Use Price Comparison Apps

There are price comparison apps out there that can display the price of the same item or service from different online shops. This way, you get to save a lot of time and make your decisions quickly.

Price Comparison Apps

Some of these applications have extensions and plug-ins that can be used on your web browser. They can also display items with active coupons and discounts for you.


You shouldn’t have to break the bank because you’re shopping online. There are a number of tips and tricks you could use to save money on online deals. You can use a VPN, price comparison apps, and make a purchase on certain days to get the best prices for products and services you need.

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