Genius Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Picking out gifts for a loved one can be a breeze if you’re a natural at it, but sometimes it can be one of the most stressful tasks you’ll ever encounter. Everything seems wrong and you just can’t find that one thing that’s the perfect combination of thoughtful and economical. 

If this sounds like you, we have a tip for you. Think about what the person likes, and narrow it down from there – like a top down pyramid. Make a list about all the things they love 

  • Travelling 
  • Yoga 
  • Coffee 

And think about what kind of present you can give them. Subscription to a yoga class? A trip? Or maybe something coffee related instead? 

If your best bet is a coffee related present for your coffee loving friend, keep reading for ideas! 

Help Them Brew the Perfect Cup 

Coffee is more than just about the dark, bitter taste. Many coffee enthusiasts spend their time thinking about all the ways they can perfect their coffee based recipe, and that includes complicated things us non-coffee lovers just can’t fathom – like almond undertones. 

Coffee Lovers

If you have a coffee nerd in your vicinity and you want to give them something extra special, view Good Fika. Their website will tell you all about their latest app – a godsend of sorts for anyone interested in perfecting their coffee recipes. 

Aged Coffee 

Aged Coffee is the hip new trend in the coffee word, and it’s even being called the aged wine of the coffee world. Many great companies all over the world are aging their coffees now for anywhere between six months to a year. 

aged coffee

It’s taken care of throughout this whole time, kept in wooden barrels where it’s rotated and kept fresh, and constantly tasted to make sure they don’t waste the window when their coffee is tasting it’s best. 

Companies like Starbucks age their coffee to add in their special holiday blend, but your friends will appreciate the good coffee in any case. 

Smart Coffee Mugs 

There are many cups available in the market that are one of the best things a coffee drinker could ask for. Thanks to their smart technology, they’ll keep your friend’s coffee at the exact temperature they set it to, which means they can keep sipping on that goodness as slowly or for as long as they like without it getting ruined. 

Brands like Ember are selling these coffee mugs on Amazon for about a hundred dollars a piece. 

Coffee Subscriptions 

Many box subscriptions cater to the needs of the coffee enthusiast. If you want to get a gift for your coffee loving friend or family member that just keeps on giving, consider a coffee box subscription

These boxes source their coffee blends from all over the world and deliver them right to your doorstep, and sometimes even include free trials so you can be sure you’re giving your friend something great. 

You can choose between subscriptions to cold blends or warm ones, brewing tips, details about the flavor notes in each package, and much more. Most subscriptions barely customer than $20 a month, though shipping costs might vary. 

Coffee Mugs and Other Tools 

There are all sorts of beautiful, practical, and gift worthy mugs available in all sorts of places if only you look for them. You can even get a wireless coffee kettle or an insulated bottle to keep their coffee warm at morning commutes! 

Remember, as long as your friend knows you had them in mind when you bought their present, they’ll be more than happy with whatever it is. 

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