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Gift Ideas For Your Partner Who Loves Self Care

Gift Ideas For Your Partner Who Loves Self Care

There are a lot of ways to please your partner, pampering them with gifts is one of the cutest ways to do that. Taking that up a notch, if you have a partner who works very hard and indulges in self-care after a long day of work then we have just the right ideas for you. Self Care is a movement for one’s own self and is currently growing as an industry, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been capitalizing on this aesthetic for over a decade now. Every person has a different idea for self-care and thus the list caters to them all.

Self Care Gift For Men 

  1. Beard Grooming Kit – If your partner is currently indulging in experimenting with their look and they wish to grow their beard and they wish to do it quickly then this kit is ideal, the hamper can have Joe’s Finest Beard Growth Supplement for quicker results with their beard. With that, you can throw in a beard wash, trimmer, and a beard comb. 
  2. Silk Robe – Get them a comfortable, airy after-work robe in which they can unwind and relax with their favorite drink. It is a perfect gift for someone who is stuck in suits every single day.

If you get both of these gifts for your partner then we would recommend throwing in a skincare kit with a good moisturizer, cleanser, and a nice face wash. 

Self Care Gift for Women 

  1. Face Mask – This is such an important gift for women, after a long day of work where presumably she had to wear make-up, a face mask can be a godsend. Our personal recommendation would be going for a herbal one.
  2. Manicure Pedicure Kit – Women juggle a lot of things with their string beautiful hands, get them a Mani-Pedi Kit that they can indulge in with their friends on their days off. 

If you decide to get both these gifts for your woman make sure you throw in a bottle of good wine, self-care is never complete without a bottle of red, You will thank us for this.

Gender Neutral Self Care Gift

  1. Satin Sheets – This is a great gift, imagine after a long day you retire to your room and go straight to the warmth of your smooth satin sheets, these are great gifts for your partner, and let’s face it there is something in it for you also. 

2. Scented Candles – Aromas like lavender and vanilla are known to calm your nerves, scented candles as a gift can never go wrong. Everyone loves the smell of something relaxing and candles can be a great gift for your partner who loves coming home to the smell of something amazing.

3. Indoor Plants – It is scientifically proven that plants around the house are a source of good stimulants in our mind, they are a very thoughtful gift and if you have a partner who is nurturing and loves taking care of things then an indoor plant is almost like a friend to them. It is an ideal gift for all genders and the best part is unlike actual self-care, taking care of a plant is quite low maintenance.


No adults can deny the importance of “me time”, it is important for most of us to steal a couple of hours because all work and no play makes Johnny a very dull boy and your partner knows this too which is why as mentioned earlier you will be thanking us for this. 

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