5 Gifts for Someone Who Loves Self Care

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good night filled with various self-care routines. Over the past few years, taking care of yourself has gone from sleeping in a few extra minutes to a whole day or night of gentle and relaxing activities where you indulge yourself a little! 

While many self-care routines might seem like they are time-consuming or expensive, we’re here to help you realize that this is simply not true. You might know someone who needs to slow down and take a break from their busy life, or you might want to treat yourself to a relaxing time at home where you can put your feet up and take a load off. Most importantly, you might know someone who loves self-care and actively makes time for themselves all the time!

Here’s a list of five gifts for someone who loves self-care: 

1. A Yoga Mat 

If you’re someone like me who struggles with finding good gifts for the people you care about, a yoga mat is a great place to start. You can buy a yoga mat from almost any fitness store or online store that there is, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors. Yoga is one of the more relaxing forms of exercise out there, and it’s an excellent way for someone to take a breather, slow down, and just center themselves in one place. If your friend loves aesthetics, then you could consider treating them to a yoga mat that matches their bedroom or living room as well!

2. A Journal 

Journaling is a great way to take care of your mental health, especially if your friend is someone who has a few minutes of extra time at the beginning or end of their day. The practice of journaling allows you to take a few minutes and clear some space from your head while writing things down in a place that is entirely yours. 

Self-care is not just about how nice your skin looks after a facemask or how relaxed you feel after taking a long bubble bath. Instead, self-care is about making sure that your mental and physical states feel as good as possible, and so you can help your friend take charge of their mental health! 

3. An Adult Coloring Book 

An adult coloring book is another beautiful self-care present! Coloring books have become increasingly popular among adults in the recent past, and we completely understand why. Picture this: you’re sitting at a table with some paints or colored pencils, and you’re simply filled in blocks of colors in a book, uninterrupted. You’re listening to some music and drinking a glass of wine. Is there anything more relaxing? 

We’d highly recommend that you give someone a coloring book as a self-care gift. It’s a lovely and calming activity to do every so often when you need to take a break.  

4. A Shower Skincare Set 

For many of us, self-care means taking care of our skin and doing an at-home spa routine. You could put together a shower skincare set consisting of some shower gel, a bath bomb, a body scrub, and maybe a choice of two to three different facemasks! If you can’t find skincare products for the whole body, you could stick to just the face and give your friend a face wash and a face scrub. You could also throw in a few under-eye patches and a lip scrub as well! 

Not many of us would go out of our way to buy products like lip scrub or under-eye patches for daily use, but they are fun little treats to get anyway as a lovely gift. 

5. A Box of Assorted Teas 

The final item on our list is a box containing assorted flavors of tea. A nice cup of calming tea is the perfect way to end a long day, especially if you don’t have the time or energy to pamper yourself and slow down entirely. We’d recommend sticking to flavors that are designed to calm the body down and help you relax; try not to choose caffeinated teas. We absolutely love flavors like peppermint, chamomile, and lavender. 


At the end of every day, we’ve all got our little routines that we go through to help ourselves feel calm and relaxed before tackling the next busy ahead. A few self-care gifts can show someone that you both care about them and that you care about their physical and mental wellbeing. By purchasing one of the items on our list, you’re helping someone take time out for themselves every day. 

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