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5 Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Sew

If there’s one thing that every friend group has, it’s a highly creative person who’s good at making things with their hands. One of my best friends is a talented seamstress, but she always complains about how no one ever gives her sewing-related gifts that help her with her craft. That is, until now! 

I’ve put together a guide that’ll help you get started with some gifts for your friends and family members who love to sew. One of these gifts could be the best embroidery machine.

Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Sew

A sewing kit 

This first gift might sound like the most obvious one to give, but a sewing kit will never go to waste, mainly if your friend sews whenever they have time to spare. A well-stocked sewing kit usually contains a couple of pairs of scissors, one for paper and the other for fabric, pins, needles, a pincushion, a small iron, and some thread in primary colors. 

If you want to take your gift a step further, you could include some chalk, a pressing mat, shears, a rotary cutter, and a water-soluble marker. A lovely sewing kit will help them continue their projects and maybe even freshen up an old kit that needs new tools. 

A dyeing kit and white fabric

If you’ve ever been fabric shopping, you’re probably aware of the fact that fabric is really pricey. Sewing can be an expensive hobby, but there are lots of ways that you can make it fun and cheap. 

You could go to a fabric store and purchase a few yards of basic white fabric and a dye kit and let your friend go to town making their own designs and patterns by themselves. This gift allows them to be creative with both the fabric design and the garment they sew it into later! 

A set of patterns 

When it comes to gifting someone a set of patterns, you might want to subtly ask them about what they’ve always wanted to buy but never did. This is because your tastes might differ from theirs, and you could end up wasting your time and money. 

Once you’ve asked them about what patterns they’d like, you could order them online or from a designer whose work your friend or family member admires and gift them a set of 3-5 patterns. 

A table for sewing

Your friend might be using their kitchen table or a rickety old desk to get some sewing done, and they might be complaining about the size or functionality of it. Instead, you could order a new, nicely sized table that they can use for all their sewing needs.

If you have the budget for it, you could order a desk with enough space for a few drawers where they can store extra fabric and other sewing supplies. 

A work lamp

When we were kids, our mothers always told us not to read in poor light. If you have a sew-crazy friend, there’s a good chance that they probably sew in poor light and strain their eyes. If you don’t have the budget for a new sewing table, you could always purchase a lovely adjustable lamp with good quality light. This will allow your friend to sew late into the night without worrying about straining their eyesight. 


In this gift guide, I took you through a few different options to choose from when buying gifts for your friends or family interested in sewing. From sewing kits to a table for sewing, I included gifts for those of you who are on a budget, as well as those of you with some extra money to spare! 

If we didn’t have sewers in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves with clothing. Let’s treat them every so often!

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