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Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2021

Do you have a friend who is a wine lover and you need to find a gift for them ‘cause it’s their birthday? Look no further. We have curated a list of the perfect gifts you can give to a wine lover. Forget the old boring wine bottle and give these unique and thoughtful presents that will make any wine lover happy.

Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2021

A wine bottle is indeed a great choice of gift for many but there are other things available today that make for a unique gift for an oenophile. These gifts do not need an occasion, it could be a birthday, promotion, a wedding anniversary, or simply a thank you gift for being a good friend.

Let’s pop open the list of perfect gifts you can give a wine lover in 2021.

Glass Covers

Summertime calls for bringing out the wine bottles and enjoying the wine outdoors. Wine drinking outdoors draws the attention of flies and bees. Keep your wine glasses sealed with cool glass covers available in various colors. These covers will protect your wine from spills and insects falling into the wine glass. Does gifting wine glass covers sound boring? You can get it customized by adding initials or signs. Monogrammed wine glass seals are a great way to make any wine lover feel special.

Personalized Caddy for Wine Glasses

For anybody who enjoys personalized gifts and loves wine, this is the best gift. Wine glass caddies can hold glasses and bottles in place. We all know how difficult it is to keep delicate wine glasses safe, a caddy can be a savior. You can personalize the caddy in various ways according to the liking of the person you are giving it to. A personalized wine glass caddy is an accessory that looks great as well as serves a purpose.

This is perfect for people who love their wine and want to add aesthetic value to their wine collection.

Cork Holder

Many oenophiles love collecting wine corks. Why not gift them a cork holder that can hold their favorite corks. But wait, what is so great about cork holders you ask? You can buy cork holders in various shapes like a cork holder in the shape of a state. One can place the corks at every place that they have visited or where the wine bottles cork came from. A cork holder also doubles up as a memory board for all the places visited and the fun stories that come along with it.

This is a perfect gift for somebody who loves traveling and bringing home wines from different places.

Champagne Shooters

Love chugging down Champagne? This one’s for you or somebody who loves doing this. It is just a fancy way of chugging down Champagne. Add these to the list of your party-starter kit. For those times when you want to pop Champagne and have it in style.

Mostly when Champagne is popped it becomes messy and loses all the fizz. This is not the way to have Champagne. With Champagne shooters, you don’t have to worry about the mess. Simply enjoy the wine in a classy way. It will make all the guests happy as these are made of acrylic that makes them shatterproof.

One of the best gifts for bridal showers, engagement parties, or wedding celebrations.

Cooling Cup for Wine

Everybody loves their wine chilled to a perfect temperature. These cooling cups are insulated and can keep wine chilled for a longer time. These cups are stemless and easy to hold. A wine that’s perfectly chilled is more enjoyable. This is a good gift option for wine lovers who also love their wine chilled.

You just have to chill these cups in the refrigerator and the cooling gel in the cups will make your wine cold. Check out the Host Store on Amazon for buying these cups.


These were some of the perfect gifts for wine lovers that will make them feel special and make them fall in love with your gifting skills. A wine lover deserves special gifts, not just a bottle of wine picked up from the departmental store. They immediately pick up on cheap wine so save yourself the guilt and give them something more valuable. These gifts are affordable yet unique.

The best gifts are the ones that have some thought and effort put behind them. We made your job easy with this list of perfect gifts for your wine lover pal.

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