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Sentimental Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

Did you know that around 67% of people are able to work through the worst parts of their grief within a year?

Losing a loved one is always painful, but the initial adjustment period is often the most emotional time. If you know someone who’s recently lost someone, then it’s kind to give them extra support and love so they don’t feel alone.

Are you in need of some sentimental gifts that can help you express your sympathy? Keep reading to learn about five beautiful options that will make your loved one feel comforted.

Sentimental Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

1. Flower Bouquets

Flowers are always a reliable gift because you can help fill your loved one’s home with color and life. Whether you work with a local florist or a business that can deliver worldwide, the bouquet is bound to be stunning. If you want to add a personal touch, then you should take some time to write a heartfelt message to attach to the flowers so your loved one can feel your warmth.

2. Remembrance Gifts

From engraved jewelry to customized keepsake boxes and memorial candles, there are tons of wonderful remembrance gifts to choose from. Consider what your loved one would appreciate most and move forward from there. With so many businesses that offer personalized gifts now, it’s never been easier to go the extra mile for loved ones and honor the deceased.

3. Useful Gift Cards

Life becomes much more complicated for people who are coping with a loss, which is why sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make things easier. If you think your loved one would enjoy some time off from cooking or cleaning, then you can get restaurant and home services gift cards. You could also give them gift cards to movie theaters, their favorite clothing store, or anywhere else that can take their mind off of their grief.

4. Angel or Psychic Readings

If your loved one is spiritual, then an angel or psychic reading could be a source of deep comfort and peace. During their reading, they can learn about the meaning of flashing lights and other phenomena that lets them know they’re never alone. They’re sure to leave their session with a sense of closure since many loved ones can pass with little time to say goodbye.

5. Wellness Gift Baskets

Self-care gifts are important for people who are grieving. From feeling too sad to care for themselves to spending lots of time handling legal and funeral arrangements, wellness gift baskets can help encourage your loved ones prioritize their needs. Grief journals, spa treatments, and bubble bath kits are just a few of the many sweet options.

These Sentimental Gifts Are Sure to Be Appreciated

If you’re in need of some sentimental gifts to show your loved one that you care, then this guide can help you console the bereaved. No matter which option you choose, they’re sure to be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

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