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10 gift ideas for a friend who loves to drink

We all have that one friend who loves drinking more than the rest of the group, they are easy to please as long as there is alcohol involved but if you want to win them over then here are a few ideas. 

These are the best gifts you can give to your friend who loves to drink.

1. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are considered to be better at keeping a drink chilled as compared to ice cubes. They don’t melt so your friend can just keep your friend’s drink going forever without it being watered down. They are also reusable so you don’t have to keep going to get ice cubes for your boozy friend who is too lazy to go themselves. Think about it, it’s serving two purposes at once.

2. A fancy hipflask

Who doesn’t like a nice hipflask, especially when it’s that friend who is always complaining about not being able to carry their drink outdoor. They’d rather sit out their best friend’s baby shower if drinks aren’t involved. Well, this is sure to make them happy and it’s a gift that they will for sure use.

3. Homemade Gin Kit

For your friends who are gin lovers, let them have a try at making it on their own too. It’s an easily available gift that enables you to make your gin at home, it’s kinda like brewing your beer but better.

4. Monogrammed Pub glasses

A cliche about your friend who likes to drink is that at some point in their life they have seriously considered opening a bar and hence you know the name of that imaginary bar. Monogram it on pub glasses and you can see the biggest boozy smile you have ever seen.

5. Wall bottle opener

This bottle opener mounts on your wall so that your friend is not trying to do dangerous tricks to open the beer bottle. It is angled perfectly to de-lid any bottle of alcoholic beverage. It also needs just one hand for the act.

6. Craft beer glassware set

This is an ideal gift for beer lovers. All types of beer require a certain type of glass to bring out a certain aroma and taste out them. You can see the difference once you have these beers chilled in their appropriate glasses. Getting them a set of this is an ideal gift for your friend who loves beer.

7. Portable beer pong table

If your friend is a master in beer pong and becomes the life of the party after they have won the game then this is an ideal gift for them. It’s portable so they can carry it along on trips. And it’s easy to clean and it’s easy to place. It is an ideal gift for your friends who like making drinking a serious game.

8. Beer bottle keychain

The keychain of the cap of their favorite beer is an easy way to make your friend happy. There is a certain amount of personal touch here because let me assure they are not expecting you to remember their favorite beer it’s probably because they don’t remember telling you that. This is the kind of gift that will be loved by them.

9. Hangover Tea/Coffee

They are pretty grumpy in the morning, aren’t they? This might help them be kinder to your group after a fun night. Get them an organic tea/coffee for the hangover that is hell for everyone involved. It’s easy to make and easy to maintain beverage that calms their morning demons so that everyone can enjoy the brunch without someone scoffing for an aspirin.

10. Cocktail kit

Give their mini bar the last touch it needs, complete it with a fancy cocktail kit that is capable of making most drinks. It’s also of great use for social gatherings that they invite you over for, you don’t have to lie about how great their new margarita recipe is anymore. They can just make it well now with the help of a good cocktail kit.

Hope these suggestions have helped you narrow down your choices for your friend’s gift. I know that your friends who love drinking are hard to buy presents for because when all fails you just buy them a bottle and call it a day instead. But these ideas are full proof to succeed. 

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