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5 Gifts for Someone Who Loves Knitting

When Covid-19 took over the world in 2020, we were all stuck indoors, looking for new ways to entertain ourselves. After binge-watching multiple reality shows on Netflix and trying various YouTube workouts, it was time to try and find other creative ways to deal with boredom. For many of us, this is where knitting came into the picture! If you’re anything like us, you’ve stuck to your knitting hobby, and now, many clothing items in your wardrobe are handmade. 

If you’re not a knitter yourself and know someone who is, you might be struggling with finding them a nice knitting-related gift.

Here’s a list of five gifts for someone who loves knitting: 

1. A Set of Interchangeable Needles 

A knitting project goes by much faster when you have a set of interchangeable needles. If you’re unfamiliar with what interchangeable needles are, they are just like circular knitting needles, with a pair of needles joined by a cable. The only difference is that you can take the needles apart from the cable and go up a needle size or decrease the needle’s size. 

Every knitter wants a set of interchangeable needles, but every knitter knows that these sets are not as affordable as regular circular or double-pointed needles. You might want to splurge a little when getting your knitter friend or family member a gift, and a set of interchangeable needles is a great place to start. 

 2. A Yarn Box Subscription

A yarn box subscription is another great place to start when you don’t know what the perfect knitting gift is. Most knitters begin with using cheap acrylic yarn from a regular craft store. However, while acrylic yarn is an excellent place to start, it is low-quality and can lose its shape over time. In that case, by giving your friend a year-long subscription to a yarn box service, you’re helping them access yarns and other fibers that are of a higher quality! 

3. A Set of Blocking Mats 

One of the last steps of the knitting process is blocking whatever has been knitted to avoid losing its shape. While many knitters use two towels for blocking a knitted item, a set of blocking mats makes it easier for a knitter to manipulate their work and turn it into the shape of their choice. Blocking mats are one of the cheaper gift options too! If you can’t find blocking mats online or in a store, you can always try finding foam playmats for young children because these mats work just as well for blocking knitwear too. 

To take this gift a step further, you could also include a box of pins to make the blocking process even easier and better for your knitter friend or family member. 

4. A Yarn Bowl 

Yarn bowls are another gift that every knitter would love to have but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. If you aren’t familiar with what it is, a yarn bowl is a round or oval-shaped bowl that has a swirl cut out of its side. You can place your ball of yarn inside the bowl and pass the working strand through the cutout swirl when knitting. This bowl helps keep the ball in one place, and it looks great as a decorative item in a home! 

If you’ve been struggling to find unique knitting-related gifts, then a yarn bowl is as unique as it could get! 

5. A Yarn Winder 

The last gift idea on our list is a yarn winder! When knitters work with a huge skein of yarn that’s been rolled into a ball, the yarn can get tangled easily, and the ball can fall off the working surface and onto the floor. This is where the yarn winder comes in handy. The yarn winder turns a skein or a ball into a cake of yarn that’s easier to work with. If your budget permits, you could buy someone a yarn winder and a yarn bowl so that their projects become even easier to work on! 


In this article, we took you through a list of five gifts that are perfect for someone who loves to knit. These gifts are all easily available online and in craft stores. However, if you want to make your gift extra special, we’d recommend shopping online because you can find these exact items, only they are of a higher quality when you do some digging online! 

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