7 Festive Gift Ideas to Put in Christmas Eve Boxes for Kids

The nights are drawing in and the air is becoming chilly. That can only mean that Christmas is well on the way! This magical time of the year is the perfect opportunity to connect with family.

Christmas is a magical time for families. There are lots of amazing activities to get your children excited for the arrival of Santa Claus. Baking mince pies, carol singing and watching Christmas movies are fun examples.

One of the more recent traditions is to give children Christmas Eve boxes. These contain small festive gifts and treats that can build anticipation for the big day.

Boxes range from wrapped shoeboxes to elaborately decorated wooden boxes that wouldn’t look out of place on the mantle. But the contents are a lot more important than the box itself, and finding what to put inside can be overwhelming.

Christmas is busy enough already, so to make your life easier we have rounded up some of the best ideas for what to put in your Christmas Eve Boxes this year.

Santa’s Magic Key

In every Christmas movie Santa always comes down the chimney. But let’s face it, these days most houses don’t have a chimney, let alone a fireplace. This can be quite upsetting to some children who worry that Santa won’t be able to deliver their presents.

Santa’s Magic Key is the perfect way to put a child’s mind at ease. Your child can hang this key on the door handle of their house on Christmas eve to make sure that Santa can unlock the door. 

The keys are very decorative, so Santa can leave it hanging on the Christmas tree once he’s done with it and it would not look out of place as a tree decoration.

Children are so excited to put the key out each year and gifts like these can be wonderful Christmas traditions that create lasting memories for both children and adults.

Matching Christmas Pyjamas

Festive Christmas pyjamas are a great way to get the whole family excited on Christmas Eve. There is nothing better than curling up on the night of Christmas Eve all together watching a Christmas movie with Christmas snacks. Doing it in Christmas Pyjamas makes it even more special.

Available options include traditional red and green checked patterns, or fun Christmas cartoons and patterns. If your children have a particular favourite Christmas movie then movie themed pyjamas are always a hit.

If this is a big milestone, like the first Christmas in a new house, or first Christmas with a dog, then why not celebrate with custom printed pyjamas with the year and occasion.

Christmas Movie

There are hundreds of great Christmas movies out there, and your children definitely haven’t seen them all. Why not treat them to a new movie they haven’t seen before.

If they have a particular favourite Christmas movie why not see if there is a sequel to it they might love! Or you could show them one of your favourite Christmas movies from when you were growing up.

Christmas Book

Reading books to children has been shown many times to improve their development. So put a Christmas spin on it by including a festive Christmas book in your Christmas Eve boxes.

Get your children tucked into bed and ready for Santa’s arrival, dim the lights, and read them a magical story with lots of Christmas spirit. Make sure to dust off your best Santa impersonation!

Christmas Games

Board games are a family Christmas classic. If you’re not brave enough to play Monopoly with your children there are lots of other options available. Elf Twister has been a big hit in our house.

Alternatively if your children enjoy video games check out the Play Store and App Store and look at the huge range of Christmas themed mobile games available.

If you’re feeling creative why not create a small treasure hunt. Include the first clue or a treasure map in the Christmas Eve box and let your children hunt for whatever Christmas treasure (chocolate) you have hidden around the house.

Festive Chocolates

Everyone lets themself go a bit at Christmas. And there’s a good reason for that, chocolate. Christmas chocolate comes in so many different varieties that you won’t be short of options to include in your Christmas boxes.

Our favourites are the variety boxes that are only available at Christmas containing a nice selection of popular chocolate bars in a suitable festive box and packaging. This packaging often includes fun Christmas puzzles and games printed on the box.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could even make some of your own sweet treats to include in the box.

Whatever chocolate, cakes or brownies you decide to include, make sure to keep some for yourself for once the kids have gone to bed!

Reindeer Food

You can easily make your own environmentally safe reindeer food at home. Get some porridge oats, raisins, and any other small foods you like, mix them together and put the mix into small bags.

Each small bag is now a bag of reindeer food! Your children can sprinkle reindeer food in the garden ready for the arrival of Rudolph.

Using porridge oats means that the mixture is completely safe to be sprinkled outside, and won’t cause harm to any animals that happen to come across it.

Final Thoughts

That completes our list of 7 Festive Gift Ideas to Put in your Christmas Eve Boxes. These are just our ideas but think about ways you can make your gifts more personal. Personal gifts are the ones that children will remember and treasure for years to come and look back fondly on once they are older.

Christmas really is a wonderful time for families and we hope that the ideas in this article will help you to bring even more magic into your home. We hope that you have a truly magical Christmas!

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