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7 Break Up Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Breakups can be hard and even harder is being there for a friend who just got dumped. We get it, sometimes you don’t know how to comfort a friend who is going through a breakup. Some friends also don’t have a convenient way of processing their heartbreak, all you can do is to be there for them. This is where this list comes into play, here are 7 ideal gifts you can give to a friend who is going through a breakup. Even if your friend isn’t as materialistic as you’d want them to be, this is sure to make them feel loved.

1. Premium subscription to a dating website

This is a gift that has to be given a few months after, some friends are tough on themselves after breakups and they decide to never seek out love again. This is where you charm in with arguably the best gift you can give to a friend who has given up on love. A premium subscription to any of the dating sites makes you more visible in your area so the chances of you being noticed increase significantly. Here’s hoping you know what dating website your friends are comfortable with, according to that you can buy them a premium subscription. It’s probably one of the most useful gifts.

2. A Solo Trip

If your friend has stopped coming out, give them the space they need. This is what Julia Roberts did in Eat, Pray, Love. there is no reason it shouldn’t work for them. If they are the kind of person who doesn’t like going on trips alone then you tag along but mainly make sure your friend gets the well-deserved break that they need.

3. Break Up Care Package (Wallow Edition)

This needs careful consideration, getting over someone can be extremely hard and to move on with your life you have to first cry out and wallow out all your emotions, this is eminent for a fresh and clean start. A care package that is curated only for them to indulge in all the bad emotions one has after a breakup. The contents of this package are-

  • Wine Bottle 
  • A Romantic Comedy or a Romantic tragedy
  • Kleenex 
  • Chocolates 
  • Flowers 
  • Scented Candle 
  • Their favorite selection of Junk Food
  • Hangover drink preferably a smoothie for the morning 

This way they can have their one night of indulgence, it doesn’t mend the broken heart but it sure does help with a catharsis.

4. Therapy Session

This one is quite important and can be given to them at the beginning of the middle. There are things that you as a friend cannot understand about your friends breaking up and surely there might be things about a relationship gone sour that they may not want to discuss with you because of fear of judgment, this is where you should be a good friend and send them to a professional. You can buy them a therapy session. It’s a great gift that will also help them in the long run.

5. Spa Day

If your friend has been wallowing for days and nothing you do is helping then this gift is ideal for them. Give them an entire day at a Spa, let them relax for a day. They might not come back all healed but this break is kind of necessary for anyone who has been having a rough time with a broken heart.

6. Ice-cream Maker

Ice creams are the best comfort dessert for a heart that’s recently been broken, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your friend who has been craving sweet treats all through this difficult time. An ice cream maker is not just useful but it’s also giving your friends a new hobby to indulge in. 

7. Gym membership

There are other ways to release serotonin or the happy hormone in the body. This can be one and if they’re angry that their ex-partner this is a great outlet for all the rage they might have left.

Of course, the best gift you can give your friend after a break is the earnest guarantee of you being there for them, friendships After All are priceless. This is the time when they need your validation the most. So give your friend your presence, love, and support, and if that doesn’t work out you have plenty of options to choose from.

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