5 Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Sleep

Over the past year, we’ve become close friends with sleep. After the pandemic forced all of us to slow down and start relaxing more often, we began to take the idea of resting a bit more seriously. Now life is slowly getting back to normal, and it’s a bit of a challenge to get back into the swing of things and keep a regular sleep schedule on track. 

However, you or someone you know might be the kind of person who cannot get enough sleep, no matter how often your schedule changes. If you’ve been struggling with finding a gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, why not give them something sleep-themed? 

In this article, we’ve put together a list of gifts for someone who loves to sleep! 

Here are five gifts for sleep lovers: 

1. A full body pillow

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Full body pillows are typically something that pregnant women use to make themselves comfortable throughout their pregnancies, especially towards the last few months. However, full-body pillows are something that everyone should use while sleeping. They improve the overall quality of how you sleep, and they also relieve joint pressure. If you struggle with falling asleep on your back or stomach, you could use the entire body pillow to fall asleep on your side. If you or someone you know is pregnant and in dire need of a good night’s rest, then this gift is perfect. 

2. A comfy quilt 

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It’s currently autumn in most parts of the world, and everyone has started to break out their sweaters and warm clothes to make the most of the chilly weather. If you want to give someone a nice gift that helps them feel warm when they’re curled up in bed, a lovely soft quilt or blanket is the ideal gift. You have an endless amount of options to choose from regarding what print and color the quilt is and where you buy it from. If your friend (or you) loves decorating your house in the colors of fall, we’d recommend purchasing a quilt that ties in with the overall decor of the home the quilt is going into! A quilt is a beautiful way to help your friend or family member get the sleep they deserve. 

3. A pair of fuzzy socks

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If you’re on a tight budget but still want to give someone a special gift, you could give them a pair or two of fuzzy socks! Fuzzy socks are cost effective and wonderful gifts to give someone who loves to feel cosy when getting into bed at night. In keeping with the theme of autumn, fuzzy socks are also a nice way to help someone feel warm and comfortable when they get home after a long day of work in the cold. 

4. A huge aromatherapy candle 

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While might not automatically come to mind when you think of gifts related to sleeping, we would like to disagree! Aromatherapy has gotten much more popular over the years, and in 2021, aromatherapy candles are a huge part of many people’s nighttime routine. Many people often light a candle right before they get into bed, or when they do their nighttime skincare routine. We’d recommend purchasing a candle with a scent like lavender or rosemary, as they are relaxing and calming scents designed to put one at ease. We’d also recommend buying an aromatherapy candle for a friend or family member who has seemed stressed out and tired!

Aromatherapy candles aren’t always something that we would buy for ourselves, which is why we’d recommend that you buy them for someone else to show that you care. 

5. A pair of bedroom slippers

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The final gift recommendation that we have for you is a pair of bedroom slippers. If you want the person you care about to feel comfortable and cosy and ready to get into bed with a book, then we’d recommend buying a pair of bedroom slippers to get them into nighttime and sleepy time mode! Bedroom slippers are the perfect gift because they are soft, comfortable, and worth every single penny. They’re guaranteed to help you sleep better because they stop your feet from feeling cold right before you get into bed. 


In this article, we took you through a list of five gifts for someone who loves to sleep! Each of the gifts covered is guaranteed to make someone feel cozy and comfortable right before they go to sleep. We hope that our guide helps you!

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