7 Holiday Gift Ideas If You Just Started Dating

You’re in a new relationship, You just started dating and that’s super exciting! So, how do you say, “I like you” without implying, “I like you”? Of course, you don’t want to give off the vibe of “I only kinda like you,” but you don’t want to be overbearing, either. Did that make sense? Probably not. The holidays are a minefield for the new couple. Luckily, we’ve got your back.


What to Keep in Mind

It’s all about balance and knowing where you stand as a couple. If you’re head over heels for each other after three dates, you can proceed differently. For most couples, though, this is still the stage of feeling each other out.

What Does the Gift Say?

You don’t want to gift a pair of socks, but you probably aren’t gifting a ring, either. If you are, well, we hope it works out. Maybe start with a silicone ring. The point is, you want to consider not just what the gift is but what it implies and how it’ll be received. Yeah, it’s a thin line to walk, but you’ve got this!


This is going to depend on both of your income brackets, not just yours. If you make substantially more money, consider how the gift will look. Just because it isn’t expensive to you doesn’t mean your significant other will consider it inexpensive. When you just started dating you want to do something nice, but you also don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. 

If you make less money, don’t put yourself into debt (this should be obvious, but still). The right person will see the thought put into it anyway, not the price tag.

Holiday Gift Ideas If You Just Started Dating


1. Something for Their Hobby

Maybe a guitar pick for a musician or a book for a bibliophile. Whatever you go for, make it something simple and small. You don’t want to gift a guitar or the first edition of Walden. Not that these aren’t cool, they’re just more of a requirement on the part of the receiver. If it’s a gift that can hide in plain sight, it’s a better choice than something substantial.

2. Jewelry

There’s nothing wrong with giving jewelry early on, as long as it’s reasonable. You might wanna hold off on that ring, but a nice piece of affordable everyday jewelry walks the line of sentimental without being too much. 

Go for something simple and usable. Not sure how to decide? If this looks like something you can wear casually, it’s a go. If it looks fancy, pass for now. Still not sure? Find a stylish friend and get a second opinion.

3. An Inside Joke

Whatever that bit you two have that you routinely go back to, start with that. The world is your oyster, though we hope you do wallet-friendly bits. The point here is to show that you listen and appreciate what you’re hearing (and remember it, of course). As with all the things on this list, simpler is better. 

4. Something to Eat or Drink

Coffee, tea, chocolates, assorted snacks. Whatever you choose, these things are all low risk but appreciated. If you know your significant other has a favorite coffee brand or loves chocolate at a specific cacao percentage, then you get points for remembering the little things. Win-win.

5. Do Something Nice

This isn’t a tangible gift, but it’s a great one. Cook a meal, orchestrate a date and plan a hike. Just do something thoughtful. If you do it right, it’s free, so even better. This one can be dialed up or down as much as is appropriate for the scope of your relationship and how much you like each other. Since it’s the holidays, everything is going to seem 15 percent more romantic* than it is, so use that information wisely.

*This is an approximation based on absolutely no science

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6. Games

If you’re one of those couples who love board games (we don’t understand it but to each their own), pick up a new game to play. It’s a great way to wind down after a long day of hanging out with the families, so it’s got that advantage. Bonus points if it’s a drinking game after a long day of hanging out with the families.

7. Club Subscription

Whether it’s a coffee club, men’s lifestyle box, cocktail kit, or whatever they’re into, this is a great one. It sounds like a commitment, but it isn’t. These gift subscriptions tend to have an option for how many months you want to pay for. Then, they can pay on their own if they want to keep it. 

Consider one to three months when you’re buying a subscription box. Note that this might be a bit of a minefield. “You only think we’re going to be together for three months?” is probably not the response you’ll get, but use your best discretion.

The holidays are a confusing but exciting time if you have just started dating, with gift-giving being even more nerve-wracking. If you just keep things simple and play the hits, you’re good to go.

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