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How to Make Your Mum Feel Special This Christmas

How to Make Your Mum Feel Special This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year that everyone should get to enjoy. However, many people feel exhausted at the thought of hosting Christmas for yet another year in a row. Many families were separated for Christmas last year due to the lockdown restrictions. Your mum might be feeling the pressure to put on an extra special Christmas this year. 

It’s time to take some of the responsibility off your mum. Here are a few ways you can make your mum feel loved and appreciated this Christmas.

Offer to help

If you and your siblings are adults now, it might be your turn to handle Christmas this year. You can cook the Christmas dinner while your mum relaxes in her pyjamas. It can be difficult for parents to let go of the responsibility to host Christmas. Ease her in gently and offer to help out with a few tasks. Over time, she will get used to the idea that the kids are handling it this year. You could even host Christmas at your own house, so your mum doesn’t have to think about all the mess at home. 

Find an extra special gift

Gift-giving is one of the best parts of Christmas. Your mum probably spends weeks trying to find the perfect gift for every family member. It’s your turn to find the perfect gift for her this year. You could arrange a holiday for your parents later in the year. You will need to ask them to book some time off work and arrange it in their calendars. You could book a flexible ticket so they can arrange the exact timing themselves. Book them a beach vacation, city break or spa holiday in the UK. Think about what they would like to do, and choose a destination on their bucket list. 

Decorate her house

When she’s at work one day, you could decorate her house with Christmas decorations. It takes a long time to put up all the decorations – and it can be quite a lot of effort. Buy her a real Christmas tree and decorate it with all her favourite baubles. Sprinkle a few fairy lights around the home, and finish with some fresh holly cuttings. Display a personalised chocolate gift on the kitchen table for her to open when she gets home. 

Make Christmas extra special this year and take on some more responsibility.

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