5 Fun Holiday Gifts For Kids in 2021

It is that time of the year again where holiday shopping has already begun for many. The holiday season brings holiday shopping and gift shopping can create some stress along with lots of fun. For many shopping for gifts for adults is all fun and games but when it comes to buying creative gifts for kids it is not all fun. Kids can be hard to please just like many adults. To save you all the stress and worry we have curated a list of 5 fun holiday gifts for kids in 2021. Use this article to make your shopping a little less stressful and more fun. 

It is easy to pick gifts for adults, adults know what they like and dislike but kids on the other hand are not aware of what they would like as gifts. Kids also have a shorter attention span than adults to keep them hooked on one activity for a long time. So what is an ideal gift for a kid? There is no easy answer to that question but we do have 5 options to take inspiration from for that naughty little person in your life. These gifts are appropriate for kids below the age of three. 

Check out the list of 5 fun holiday gifts for kids in 2021 below. These gifts are not just creative and fun but will also keep kids busy for a long time so the parents can enjoy their holiday in peace. 

1. Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog 

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog
Image: Source

This is a fun gift for kids to enhance their motor skills. They have to make the hedgehog spikey by putting its spikes in the hole which are on the back of the hedgehog. These spikes are big enough to hold it comfortably and also keep the choking hazard away. The spikes are colorful making it a fun activity for toddlers. It is available on for $12.37. 

2. Design and Drill Robot

Design and Drill Robot
Image: Source

Drill the seed of engineering in your little one with this robot. Get kids to create their version of a robot. It comes with a screwdriver safe for kids, stickers to give the robot a personal touch, and many snap and join pieces. Use the screwdriver to drill in bolts and make a robot that is super cool. All the parts of this robot are child-friendly and colorful. This gift will keep the kids busy for a while. This toy is priced at $12.99 on

3. Tinker Truck

Tinker Truck
Image: Source

This fun gift is perfect for tiny tots who are just learning to walk. Kids can sit on this tinker truck and move it forward with their tiny legs or choose to push it from behind as well. It is colorful and has gears that spin. It also comes with a horn that honks. It has many shapes, letters, and numbers on the truck to make it even more fun. This Tinker Truck from Radio Flyer is available on for $34.97. 

4. 100 Animals Book 

100 Animals Book
Image: Source

Check out this award-winning toy from Leapfrog which is the 100 Animals Book. Animals always grab kids’ attention. Teach kids about various animals and the sounds that each animal makes along with their habitat. It has songs and facts about animals making it fun and engaging. It offers all that in two languages, English and Spanish. Kids can get familiar with two different languages along with animals. This book is available on for $15.99. 

5. Easy Clean Finger Paint 

Easy Clean Finger Paint 
Image: Source

Parents are going to love you for giving this Easy Clean Finger Paint from Crayola. Kids love making masterpieces with colors and paint but their canvas includes the sofa, carpet, and walls. Removing paint from it becomes a task, with this painting set, kids can paint and not create a mess. The kit has paint and paper which is in it, kids use their hands to paint but without getting any paint on their hands. This painting set is available at for $29.99. 

Final Words 

Leave your worries behind with these 5 fun holiday gifts for kids in 2021. Gift these fun gifts and get the kids busy so adults can enjoy their holidays too. These gifts mentioned above are fun and educational too. Make holidays fun for kids with these 5 gifts that are engaging and fun. 

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