The  gift box to Sober Celebration – The New Way to Party

What is a sober celebration? 

A sober celebration is a party or event that is alcohol and drug-free. They exist because people are looking for an alternative to the traditional way of partying which often includes excessive drinking and sometimes drug use. Sober celebrations are a great way to have fun without the negative consequences that can come with traditional parties.

It can be hard to find gifts for our sober friends and loved ones. Alcohol-free options are often few and far between, and it can feel like we’re stuck resorting to the same old gift ideas year after year. But never fear! The Mingle Mocktails gift box is here to save the day.

Mingle Mocktails is a line of premium non-alcoholic spirits, crafted with all of the care and attention that you would expect from a top-shelf liquor. Each bottle is meticulously blended to create flavor profiles that are complex, layered, and sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing gin & tonic or a rich and decadent Old Fashioned, Mingle has a mocktail that will fit the bill.

And what’s more, the Mingle Mocktails gift box comes complete with all of the fixings you need to make your chosen drink, including mixers, bitters, garnishes, and more.

Everything comes packaged in a beautiful box that’s perfect for gifting—so whether you’re shopping for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, the Mingle Mocktails gift box has got you covered.

The History of Mocktails

Although mocktails have been around for centuries, they really came into their own during Prohibition. When alcohol became illegal in the United States from 1920 to 1933, enterprising bartenders had to get creative if they wanted to stay in business. They began crafting delicious non-alcoholic drinks that mimicked the taste and feel of traditional cocktails—hence the name “mocktails.” 

Prohibition eventually came to an end, but mocktails have remained popular to this day. In recent years, there’s been a renaissance of sorts in the world of mocktails, as bartenders have begun reimagining these classic drinks for a new generation of drinkers. And with mocktails now enjoying widespread popularity, it’s never been easier to find alcohol-free options when celebrating any occasion. cheers! 


On any given day, people choose not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons: they may be pregnant or breastfeeding, recovering from addiction, training for a marathon, or simply trying to cut back on their intake. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no reason why these individuals should have to suffer through another boring party where they’re surrounded by alcoholic beverages but have nothing fun or interesting to drink themselves. That’s where the Mingle Mocktails gift box comes in!   Whether you’re looking for a fun and unique gift idea or simply want to have some delicious non-alcoholic options on hand for your next gathering, the Mingle Mocktails gift box is sure to hit the spot. So go ahead and raise a glass—of soda water, of course!—and enjoy celebrating any occasion sober. 

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