Bridal Hairstyles 2021: Best Looks for Your Maharashtrian Wedding Ceremony

Maharashtrian brides make for one of the most beautiful brides in the world. In most Marathi weddings, one will notice the bride wearing a Nauvari saree in a traditional yellow, orange, and green color. Moreover, you’ll also witness the bride donning ornaments such as the popular Mundavalya, Bindi, Kolhapuri Saaj, Thushi, Naath, and Chuda. These traditional styles of pieces of jewelry are the markings of a bride in a Marathi wedding. 

To compensate for the royalness of the entire look, the Marathi bride also chooses the perfect hairstyles to go with her outfit. Before we get to the list, why don’t you take this opportunity to make your Marathi Matrimony profile today to find an ideal soulmate to share your happiness and success with. Now, let’s take a look at 10 of the most stunning wedding hairstyles in trend for Marathi brides.

Bridal Look 1 – The Traditional Bun 

In Marathi weddings, the decor for the wedding may not be as extravagant. Still, the brides indeed make up for the simplicity by accessorizing most authentically and traditionally. Covered in golden set pieces of jewelry, the bride completes the look by adding the bun (ambada), embellished with traditional jewels. The traditional bun look is an elegant choice for the wedding ceremony and can look even more special if the bride adds a hairpin (Khopa). Usually, it’s shaped like a half-crescent moon and is made out of rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc., to give the bun a classic look.

Bridal Look 2 – Braided Bun

Although the traditional bun is an excellent choice for the wedding, brides can go one step further and add braids to the hair before making a bun to get a tighter and neater overall look. The braids will secure the bun in place and embellished with pearl accessories and hairpins to complete the bride’s hairstyle. The best part about choosing this hairstyle is that it’s easy to do it by yourself, effortless to look at, and can last throughout the entire ceremony without any touch-ups. Those individuals that are looking to get the best possible match for their future, can download any of the Marathi Matrimony apps and find the perfect partner for themselves.

Bridal Look 3 – Gajra Bun/Braids

If the Marathi bride is looking for a dainty yet classic look for her hair, this is the perfect hairstyle. Add 3-4 strings of gajra around the bun until it looks twice its original size, and pin a big gold centerpiece to go with the rest of the outfit. If you want to look less traditional, braid your hair and add the gajra on top of the braid. You may skip the hairpins and instead wear a maang-tikka in the center parting. Add small pieces of flowers around the length of the braid to complete the look. 

Bridal Look 4 – French Braid With Flowers 

The Marathi brides who want to go easy on their heads can select an elegant and chic hairstyle for their wedding day. The bride can curl the front pieces of her hair outwards and let them hang around her face to create a softer look. The next step is to loosely do a french braid to the rest of the hair. The other way to do it is first to do the french braid till the crown and then tie the rest of the hair in small sections till the waist. Next, cover the rest of the crown area in a few embellishments and twirl a string of beautiful flowers around the rest of the braid to look like a princess out of a fairytale book! Finish the look by hair spraying so that the braid remains intact and pin any left-out pieces of hair.

Bridal Look 5 – Side Twist Bun

The classic side twist bun requires the Marathi bride to puff up her hair in her crown area. She can braid it towards the side of her head or twist it and pin it to the bun for a simpler look. The next step is to gather the rest of the hair and gently twist and secure it into a stylish updo. This is also a simple look that the bride can pull off on her own and can be created in less than five minutes. The hairstyle will look perfect with some beautiful roses and gold strings hanging towards the side of the hair. 

Bridal Look 6 – Low Side Bun

This look isn’t for the standard Marathi bride. Take out the front side pieces of your hair and loosely gather the hair on the back. Make a loose bun with the hair on the back and use small strands from the front hair to wrap around the bun and secure multiple pins. The bride can add some flower arrangements here and there or accessorize with beautiful crystal pins. However, do keep small strands of hair hanging around the face so that it compliments your face shape. This hairstyle will look very stylish, sleek, and effortless and add to the bride’s angelic makeup look, that will make her glow. 

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