Gift Idea For Roommate: Answer to WHAT CAN I GIFT MY ROOMMATE?

Can you ever imagine how your hostel life would be without a roomie? I guess not! Because without them, your life would be dull and not so exciting. No matter how annoying or weird the roommate is, the bond you share with them is irreplaceable. They are your secret keeper, literally. 

From Sharing the same bedrooms and restrooms to indulging in morning breakfast together. And from sharing the same Netflix password to hanging out together. Such moments are worth cherishing for a lifetime. Overall, the time you spent collectively is definitely to be appreciated. Just say thank you so much for whatever they have done for you.

If you are brainstorming, how do you show appreciation to your roommate? Or you must be thinking of a welcome gift for new roommate. Lastly, if your roommate is bidding a goodbye farewell. And you want to know about farewell gift ideas for roommate. You need not think much. Here are the best roommate gift ideas for all:

1. Friendship Necklace Set:

It can be the best birthday gift idea. If you are thinking about how to make your roommate’s birthday special? This birthday, surprise them with a cute friendship necklace and a bracelet. And wrap it in a quirky wrapping paper. There are so many necklace designs available in the market. Like heart-shaped ones or evil eye necklaces to protect your friendship from that negative energy and many more. Or you can gift a personalized engraved photo necklace to your roommate. These will be their best birthday presents.

2. Coffee Mug Set — For Caffeine Obsessed:

It is time to upgrade your roommate’s coffee cups. So give them ceramic coffee mugs for uniqueness. You both enjoy your morning tea or coffee in those unique coffee mugs with a compliment written over them. They come in so many different designs, patterns, and shades. It is a simple yet awesome roommate gift idea.

3. Phone Case Gift:

If your roommate is obsessed with phone accessories, nothing can beat this gift idea for them. No matter how many mobile phone cases and covers they have in their collection, I’m sure they won’t mind having a new one. You can give glitter phone cases to silicone cases — all styles are available in the market. A custom phone case would be a better option for that personal choice. Your roomie will love you for this gift idea.

4. Jewelry Organizer Box — For Cleanliness Freak Roommate:

Give a gift to your roommate, who is both a jewelry lover and a cleanliness freak. I got one of the best roommates’ presents. Consider giving a jewelry organizer to your roommate who doesn’t like messy rooms. This jewelry box will not only help them to find their stuff easily. But they will also be satisfied that their jewelry pieces are safe. It is one of the meaningful presents to appreciate your roommate.

5. Wall Photo Display:

Your roommate is bidding farewell. So, you give something special to them. Then, the picture photo frame can be the perfect holiday present for them. Merge all the photos of happy memories of you both. Stick the pictures on the wall in whatever shape you like. Moreover, to make the hanging photo display fancier, you can decorate it with fairy lights. And there you go with one of the personalized gifts for roommates.

6. Succulent Plant Gifts:

How do you welcome a new roommate? Let me suggest one of the clean and green ideas. To begin with, meet and greet your all-new roomie. Make them feel comfortable in the new environment. And then warmly welcome them with cute succulent plants, like aloe vera or orchid flower pots. Isn’t this one of the perfect gifts for male roommate?

7. Scented Candle Set:

One gift — but for two different moods? Let me tell you how. 

  • It is time to pause and reflect if your roommate needs a little break. Calm them down. Cozy up your room with not-so-strong scented candles.
  • To end with, you can give candle gift sets during the holiday season. It can be one of the best Christmas gifts for roommates. Just enjoy the festive vibes with them.

8. Skincare Gift Set:

You must have noticed that, in their daily routine, they often forget to take care of their skin. But not to worry. You are there for them always. Upgrade their skincare routine. From facewash for that glowing face to sunscreen for everyday use to protect them from UV rays. There are many best affordable skincare sets available in the market. Your roommate will feel happy with so much pampering.

9. Waffle Maker Gift:

You all must have been with the roommate who likes to cook a new breakfast every morning. That is easy to cook in minutes. So, how about giving them a mini waffle maker? Making waffles in the mornings can save a lot of time for your roommate. You can gift the waffle maker with removable plates because they are easy to clean. Just tell them to make the waffle batter and pour it into the waffle maker. And you can both enjoy the sweet or savory waffles right there. One of the best roommates presents to appreciate them.

10. Personalized Notepads:

And, if your roommate is introverted and loves to write in their leisure time. Then, this gift idea is totally unbeatable. It is time to motivate your roommate to write more. Let them pen down their thoughts in the notepad. So, these personalized notepads with photos over them can make them feel happy and proud of you. You can give them floral-patterned custom notepads for that fresh feeling. Your roommate will never forget this gift.

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